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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1497769560702451335_17307909

Welcome to Agrabah Melbourne ✨ #openingnight #aladdininoz #dressedbycalibre

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carmen_liveordead Instagram Photo: 1497579306829499168_4624196985

Mormons and Street Rats! Lend us your ears! We've seen BOTH of you this week and now there's a chance for you to see US!!! Tuesday 25th April, 8:30pm @butterflyclubmelb | For $30 tix use the Codeword: INDUSTRY | COME, JOIN US!!! (And hurry, there's only 35Tix left) #carmenliveordead #CLD #butterflyclubmelb #frida #carmenita #industrynight #lovemormon #bookofmormonau #aladdininoz @bookofmormonau @aladdininaus

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page_to_plate Instagram Photo: 1497522843520827181_3429847807

Congrats @aladdininaus on a great opening night last night. Here's a flashback to our Easter weekend cupcakes 💜🌟💜 "Camel-mile tea" by @hannah_lu_lu_ and "Jafar Cake" by @beingkipper

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1497429007921972217_379719399

OPENING NIGHT SELFIIE WITH THIS LEGEND OF A HUMAN!!!!Tuesday night,I got home from work and something was telling me that I HAD to be at the opening night of Aladdin in Melbourne. I didn't even know if there were tickets available. Opening night is the night everyone wants to be at,so if you get a ticket you're extremely lucky. Until then,as I told the cast, I wasn't sure when I was going. I'm so glad I was able to go. Some of the cast said how pleased they were that I was there too. It was everything I wanted it to be,and everything I expected it to be,and then some. I don't know if it was because I was seeing it in my hometown or because it was opening night,but it seemed even more magical than it ever had before. It had some kind of power over me that made me feel like I was seeing it for the first time,the magic of Disney I guess. And if it's at all possible (sorry Ains probably going to embarrass you a bit here), I'm even more proud of @ainsleymelham than I have ever been before. I love you as a friend and a fan so much, that I wanted everyone else to see why and feel the same way I do. And after last night I think they do buddy. I so wanted more than anything for Melbourne to fall in love with Aladdin and for it to be as much as a success if not more here than it was in Sydney. I think that's pretty much guaranteed. That song got me again too. Proud Of Your Boy. I think because,I am but also because I can relate to the lyrics. Thanks for letting me hug you even though you had a suit on. And thanks for making me feel not quite so awkward for asking you to sign the programme. Last night was the first of many visits to see my friends from Agrabah in Melbourne. @jakeambrose1 @rosechocolatebeauty @hibstah among others thankyou guys so much for taking the time to chat and sign an autograph for me as well. It means the world. 📷:@hibstah #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz #openingnight #melbourne

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1496133363500508678_379719399

Hey ah guys, @ainsleymelham @hibstah @mitchell.fistrovic @roberttripolino @jakeambrose1 @rosechocolatebeauty @iammjscott I need to talk to you. You know how you were all asking when I was coming to see @aladdininaus and I couldn't tell you because I didn't know? Well ummm,how would you react if I said I was coming on......OPENING NIGHT???? #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1492894002252158049_379719399

TODAY'S THE DAY MELBOURNE!!! FINALLY!!! Get ready to be taken wonder by wonder. Over,sideways and under on a magic carpet ride to a whole new world. I've talked about this show long enough, it's now time for you to see it for yourself. Was awesome to catch up with Ains yesterday after Tech run and spend some one on one time without everyone else wanting a piece of him. I'm honoured and so so proud to be able to call him a mate. And privileged that he let's me do so. You've come a long way both personally and professionally in the 4 years I've known you buddy and not only am I proud to call you a mate but I'm proud of everything you've achieved. I think I said this for Sydney opening so it seems appropriate to say it for Melbourne,walk out on that stage today and own it. You've earned this moment mate,make that stage yours @ainsleymelham. Good luck legend. #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1492516249652789844_379719399

ONE MORE SLEEP MELBOURNE until all your wishes are granted. Are you ready?? #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1491316258003371719_379719399

CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOU ALL TO SEE WHAT THIS KID CAN DO. So frigging proud of you Ains. #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1489691693166822982_379719399

Ahhhhh!! So friggin' buzzed for this right now. I know where I'm spending my weekend. 5 DAYS MELBOURNE!!! #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1488292852777450324_379719399

ONE WEEK TO GO MELBOURNE!!! Is anyone else as excited as me?? #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1486333528350085950_379719399

When you detour to Her Majesty's Theatre at 12 30am after leaving a gig before you head home because they've finally finished dressing it for @aladdininaus and you couldn't wait until tomorrow to check out the photos they've put up. Looking good @roberttripolino and @hibstah. #aladdin #aladdininaus #aladdininoz #hermajestystheatremelbourne

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1480243653418918946_379719399

When you watch your mates face being put on the roof of #hermajestystheatremelbourne. @ainsleymelham you're pretty big in Melbourne right now Buddy 😜. #aladdininaus #aladdininoz #thatsmymateupthere #proudmoment

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deesteviedee Instagram Photo: 1479565122246357671_379719399

@iammjscott check this out. Huge wall size photo of you on the back of the Melbourne Visitors Centre. Melbourne's getting Aladdin fever!! #aladdininaus #aladdininoz #melbournevisitorscentre

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1478896017017369890_17307909

Closing Night In Sydney ft. Donuts!✨ #shortstop@shortstopsydney #shredding #aladdininoz

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lizsquirrels Instagram Photo: 1465856701130702777_29699604

Round 3 of Aladdin the musical! (Round 1 for Katie!)

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leashie11 Instagram Photo: 1454954271060771723_20536032

Alicia saw @aladdininaus AGAIN. So now the soundtrack is playing on loop 24/7 #babygrootbop #babkakomaraladdinkassim #aladdininoz #aladdinthemusical #soundtrack #broadway #theater #guardiansofthegalaxy #disney #marvel #babygroot #iamgroot #gotg2 #playlist #awholenewworld #alanmenkin

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nyc_2013 Instagram Photo: 1438264941266023658_267944992

At $45 for 5 rows from the front in the middle section that's pretty dam good. Worth the two hour wait. This seat normally sells for $195. So total bargain for a show I love!! Chookas all!! #aladdininoz #capitoltheatresydney #rushtickets@straightupross @joelbhewlett @mfistrovic @dionasaurusrex @nick_eat0n @cjbartolo @roberttripolino @sussdog @iammjscott @hibstah @ainsleymelham @andreaarenaa @rosechocolatebeauty @miadchandler @kr_hodgson @willcenturion @jjosullivan

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nyc_2013 Instagram Photo: 1438182157314739335_267944992

1st in line for rush tickets. Perfect way to end the week. #aladdininoz #rushtickets #capitoltheatresydney@cjbartolo @mfistrovic @ainsleymelham @hibstah

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1431791905037136002_17307909

Friday Night In Agrabah ✨ #aladdininoz

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1428162267115396524_17307909

Last Show For The Week Ft. The Agraboys #aladdininoz

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1412950661301448541_17307909

Merry Christmas From Aladdin ✨ #aladdininoz

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1409319311407160882_17307909

Category Is: PARROT REALNESS ✌🏽️ #coverlyf #grateful #iago #aladdininoz #evillaughtime

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jayeantonio Instagram Photo: 1407931022611761941_24185161

Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim. #AladdinInOz #aladdinonbroadway #aladdinthemusical

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1407872323000090207_17307909

Genie, Tell Me, If You're Really There ✨ #agrabells #genieslittlehelpers #oneweektilchristmas #aladdininoz

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1395547477700432385_17307909

A happy little blue Abu✌🏽️ #coverrealness #aladdininoz #omar #coverlyf #grateful

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1377429114306461195_17307909

Another Week Smashed In Agrabah ✌🏽️ #aladdininoz @aladdininaus

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krunchiiieeee Instagram Photo: 1376701893572937171_3184900

It's a whole new world 😘 #aladdinthemusical #cinamonswirl #aladdininoz

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1365831544484552685_17307909

B E A C H E D • A S • B E A U T I E S ✌🏽️ #meangirls #aladdininoz #sculpturesbythesea #havianas #bonditobronte #ebah

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1363660501573526612_17307909


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emilykeane Instagram Photo: 1362002566569147925_272714616

Pretty excited to be able to witness the magic of Aladdin today 💜💛 thanks @matt_hendo for ensuring I have a great seat to watch 😊👍🏼 #peaking #aladdininoz

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1361480329994925097_17307909

A G R A B O Y S ✌🏽️ #aladdininoz

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pickard6 Instagram Photo: 1357259979870057133_46540425

After a 9 show week, we deserve a drink! #aladdininoz #aladdin #disney

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straightupross Instagram Photo: 1352059750011184574_17307909

Another Week Over In Agrabah ✌🏽️ #denimduo #aladdininoz #whoworeitbetter #marioandluigi #gíuce #theysaytheneonlightsarebrightinsydney

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