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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1523452017065102200_381410261

Memorial Day Weekend #mood- weekend is that you? 😄But wait I gotta work a gig. 😒Enjoy the BBQ and the unofficial start of the summer folks💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1522747517958588511_381410261

Wine a little, wine a lot, wine all day long! 🍷🍷 #nationalwineday

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1522678885270277052_381410261

#tbt- the g.o.a.t with the original Burn Book. There's so many unappreciated quotes from this film.

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1522644077638851019_381410261

Yeah EW posted this as just an image from their cover issue, but I'm going to pretend The Starks are actually reunited in the North, drinking wine, laughing, and playing with the remaining direwolves. 😫

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Billie Lourd is that you? If you didn't know the 'Scream Queens' actress is heading to another Ryan Murphy project this fall, 'American Horror Story.' Here's a first look at her new hair color for her character. Although the official theme hasn't been named, politics is said to be a heavy focus for season 7. Thoughts? (📷:@mrrpmurphy)

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Honestly Ellen play all damn day! Watch this full clip and more, like DeGeneres donating $25K to Nicki Minaj's scholarship fund, at GGB. Link in bio💋

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After much convincing from my fellow TV lovers, I gave into #Sense8. Almost done season 1, but can I say my mind, body, and soul is SNATCHED! This is such a compelling story. #obsessed

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Dracarys! aka it's lit! 🔥 Entertainment Weekly shared new images from #GameofThrones season 7 and I can't! If Arya finally makes it back home to her family I will ugly cry! What moments are you excited for come July 16th?

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One of my favorite quotes from Tamara Jacobs' book 'Your Ultimate Success Plan' is "know your no's." A "no" has so many meanings in business and it doesn't always mean not at all. Know your no's and don't be afraid to ask anyway. You never know what can come from it. Happy Monday 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1520006266842706388_381410261

Young Moolah baby 😎😘😁 #BBMAs

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1519915778819064345_381410261

The Carter's celebrating the upcoming arrival of their twins 💏🍼🤰

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1519554196645858970_381410261

You know that thing when you have so much to do you don't know what to do. 😫 Nonetheless, take time on this #LazySunday for your mental health as you prepare for a new week. 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1518375778759636376_381410261

For all my #OITNB and #blackmirrorfans, this is a mash up you must see! What are you waiting for? Click the link in my bio to see what I mean. 😊

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The first look at the glamorous world of #dynasty- the CW's modern take - is here! Watch the trailer at GGB. Link in bio 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1516883270284272703_381410261

The greatest and always will be! The Obamas cover PEOPLE talking about their life after The White House. 💋

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It's been a long time coming for this one and I'm so excited for the potential! God says the time is now so I'm going for it. Stay tuned💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1516140788223223300_381410261

One year ago today I was lucky number 60 in @robs10kfriends journey. His goal is simple, meet 10K people and spend a hour with each getting to know them. Yesterday he reached 1K. CONGRATS. Love seeing how your project has grown. 💋

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It's ok to have a bad day. Feel it, go through it, and move on! Nothing good ever came by staying mad. #goodvibesonly💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1515368703217606482_381410261

It's official ☹️, after two seasons my beloved #screamqueenswill not be returning to FOX. My fall TV schedule won't be the same. Are you sad to see the show go?

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Mother (n): to care for or protect - today we celebrate the women who sacrifice it all for the sake of their babies. Enjoy this day in honor of all that you do💋 #HappyMothersDay

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1514480778850212566_381410261

Indulgence is the mood for today. Lay back and enjoy whatever treats you'd like on this #LazySunday 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1514125484282421301_381410261

#13ReasonsWhy actress Katherine Langford thought nudes leaked of her online. Find out why in the funny story at GGB. Link in bio💋side note: Katherine is such a gem!

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1513995408588997849_381410261

31 today and forever bae! Hot damn😍 Happy Birthday Robbie!💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1513784738371287347_381410261

Something about a dreary, rainy day always makes me want to watch 'New Moon.' For sure on my watch list today. Happy Saturday. 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1512567929089482898_381410261

Ghost is facing his darkest hour in the 4th season of #PowerTV. The full trailer is out and up at GGB. Link in bio. Watch and let's discuss 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1512546542215798784_381410261

#tbtwhen this moment happened and my childhood fainted!! Degrassi early 2000's cast or nothing! 🙅

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1512227366636890605_381410261

#ICYMI The unrated DVD/Blu-ray of 'Fifty Shades Darker' went on sale this week and Screen Junkies released a Honest Trailer for it. Watch it now at GGB. Link in bio💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1511225446363332559_381410261

So remember those Nicole Kidman clapping memes that were circulating around? Ellen DeGeneres gets to the bottom of it. Plus Kidman talks about 'Big Little Lies.' Watch the clip at GGB. 💋

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my.heaven. ⛵️ #tb #rickmerrickmers #hamburg #harbor #picoftheday #nofiltersnecessary #welovehh #wirsindhamburg #typicaltourist #wanderlust #mycity #sunny #hafengeburtstag #lifeaholic #urbanist #fashionist #elbe #travelist #breathlife #beatiful #elbphilharmonie #igershamburg #bloggerin #bloggerist #green #bluesky #springtime #segelschiff #heaven #skysthelimit

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rickmer.rickmers. ⛵️ #tb #rickmerrickmers #hamburg #harbor #picoftheday #nofiltersnecessary #welovehh #wirsindhamburg #typicaltourist #wanderlust #mycity #sunny #hafengeburtstag #lifeaholic #urbanist #fashionist #elbe #travelist #breathlife #beatiful #elbphilharmonie #igershamburg #bloggerin #bloggerist #green #bluesky #springtime #segelschiff

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anneansiklopedisi Instagram Photo: 1510150076815080803_207137838

Ciddi söylüyorum bunca zamandır kendime eziyet etmişim şekerli çay/kahve tüketerek! Çevremde çayı şekersiz tüketenler "şekeri bıraktığımdan bu yana çayın tadını alıyorum, eskiden çay içmiyormuşum" diyorlardı, içten içe sinir oluyordum. Ama gerçekten öyleymiş... Devamı blogda, yazı linki profilde ki bio kısmında 😉🍵 #anneansiklopedisi #şekersizhayat #şekersiz2ay #şekersizçay #şekersizkahve #blogger #bloggermom #yazarkafe #hürriyet #like #liketolike #like4like #follow #followme #followmefollow #bloggerist

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1510136619095920399_381410261

Just because you think no one is watching doesn't mean you can't get ready. Do the work to create your dreams now, so when the world catches up you'll be set to go! Happy Monday 💋

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glambergirlblog Instagram Photo: 1509832432256785874_381410261

It's official! Netflix's hit and highly talked about series #13reasonswhy is coming back for season 2. I'm very interested to see how this story will continue and if we'll see more of Hannah somehow. Your thoughts?

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