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foreverteamgrimmie Instagram Photo: 1547040218141871695_4116294247

credit to @therealgrimmie,@lovexch_zeldaxlove64:A daily reminder to self.πŸ’š This few days have been really trough for me been wanted to post even through I said I'll be back on the 28 may because of some things that I won't mention I'll just let it go beyond. In my mind Christina has always been there for me when I'm at my lowest. I often doubt myself what have I did to my life because how can someone like me be so negative? I realise something it's part of growing up it's never my fault to be so negative because I will feel better someday and life is what you make of it. Just because I make mistakes it doesn't makes me a bad person. Because nobody is perfect. I'm trying to get closer to my faith because only god knows what's the best for me. I don't live for anyone but there's something that I will continue to live for which is Christina's legacy that's my lifetime strength. I have no right to say I live for others but her legacy and of course the strength of TeamGrimmie no matter how broken I am being I know I can always pick myself up because we support one another. I may not be the best human being in the whole world but I'm still learning Everyday. I'm still terrified of everything but it's the best I try to face my fears because it's unfair to spoop just because of my own fears I stopped posting. I love her and I'm willing to face my fears and have the courage to love this account again.πŸ’š missing you terribly and badly spoop.πŸ’” and thank you for those people who leave comments on my page I really appreciated all of your love and concerns. @ripcvg @_marty_2401 @masonajteller64 @herbocaluvss @christinaisbetterthanyou @summerrosepeach @christinastitanium @ellikagrimmie and many more yu guys rawwk so hard. \|/ #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #cgforever

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1537133222121576951_4360875453

#junerawwks q:write 5 things u love about CG. a:1)Her smile 2)How caring she is 3)Her amazing voice 4)Her piano skills 5)EVERYTHING #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #grammyforgrimmie #teamgrimmie

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1536418869017810377_4360875453

#junerawwks q: Fav meme of Christina? a:This one cuz that's me every single day of my life basicallyπŸ˜‚(even cuz on Thursday I have to dance in front of a little audience and I'm dying...I can't do this). Cr:@theunrealgrimmie #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #grammyforgrimmie

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1536076835194983571_4360875453

#junerawwks q:Fav Christina's album cover? a:This one.It shows how much che loves music and blue is my fav color soπŸ˜… *sorry yesterday I didn't post* #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #grammyforgrimmie

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1535041614756470860_4360875453

#junerawwks q:A picture of Christina that makes u smile? a:I can't help smiling when I look at this one.Her smile is the best smile ever😍 #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #grammyforgrimmie

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1534211006962616481_4360875453

-Laughter lines- I miss her laugh.(not my colouring) #christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #ripgrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1534137534794177221_4360875453

-Car radio- I love these music videos(not my colouring) #christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #teamgrimmie #ripchristina

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1534037615727344967_4360875453

-Thinking 'bout you- I think about you always. I have 3 more things to post...I'm gonna do it later.That's not my colouring. (I forgot my watermark so plz give credit if u use it). #christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #ripgrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb

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justalittlespoop Instagram Photo: 1533992828613570322_4360875453

-If you love me don't let go- I love you.I love you. I love you.I love you. I love you so much. Forever and always. (Not my colouring) #christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #teamgrimmie #teamgrimmierawwks #rawwkfingers

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1529136412648971584_11193516

I don't think there's ever one moment that is easy in life without you today I break down in tears knowing that stress could torn someone out so harshly. I miss you so much little bean πŸ’šβ˜οΈ 6 more days till all is vanity's released. cant wait for those songs to comfort me. Miss you to the moon and stars nugget it will be really difficult next week. but music heals the difficult times of all. I miss you sweet angel.πŸ’” #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #grammyforgrimmie #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1528758408374423088_11193516

For you @therealgrimmie beyond me my voice sucks but I love Christina πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @lauren.longo @happlesful @travisflores @powtato @jasminebala @moriahnaomi @marcusgrimmie @thejonathanlamarche #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #grammyforgrimmie #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1528657368807522723_11193516

I can't wait for the release of sublime πŸ’šπŸ˜ one of the songs from All is Vanity one week to go! I'm so excited. So proud of you my little bean πŸ’šβ˜οΈ love you spoop you are the best. @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo @marcusgrimmie @moriahnaomi @powtato @jasminebala @thejonathanlamarche @travisflores #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #grammyforgrimmie #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1528382787152531941_11193516

Okay, so I'm here to clarify something so I saw many posts about the album release thing. Earlier I was mad and crying but that doesn't mean I don't show her family and her music company respect. It's really frustrating to see misunderstanding causes. I love Christina more then anything I work hard in every edits and video edits I have never once disrespected them it hurts to see posts like this because is not what I meant I'm a very sentimental person I like to express myself and forget about it after it's vent knowing that is going to be one year after the release date it's just breaks my heart into million pieces.πŸ’” I hate misunderstandings and stuff like that. Some of you know me well I wouldn't do that or disrespect anyone please stop saying I don't respect the Grimmie family and her music accompany because I have feelings I can't handle the pain when I vent something people misunderstand it like SERIOUSLY?! πŸ’”πŸ˜­ I'm done k bye #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1528054849026835019_11193516

Literally crying right now I can't believe my nightmare is about to come really soon my heart hurts like hell. πŸ’” at the same time I'm waiting for all is vanity's released next week these feelings are surreal. I miss you so much spoop haven't cried so hard in awhile. I love you @therealgrimmie πŸ’š #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1528003460011507467_11193516

Unfortunately all is vanity is postponed to June 9 I can't handle it why the date I'm so upset but it's worth the wait I'm just pissed for a bit but I guess they have their reasons for keeping it till next week.πŸ’š but my nightmare is going to start which I pray the day doesn't come so fast but it's getting closer πŸ’” I love you Christina I'm gonna cry hard next week don't know how to feel anymore. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1527916777395985478_11193516

1 more day to all is vanity! Actually is already Friday for me but I still have to wait for couple of hours before I can get from iTunes USA time but it's definitely worth the wait so excited to hear her voice again with new songs it will help me to clam down despite what happened yesterday. I miss you so much spoop I can't stop thinking about you πŸ’”πŸ˜” having to deal with so much to deal with is really no fun but is so tiring physically and mentally only your music keeps me going and it will continue to do so. Thank you spoop for inspiring me everyday you rawwk so hard my dearest little bean I'm proud to be apart of this amazing journey of your beautiful legacy for the rest of my life.πŸ’š #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1527354665196223491_11193516

If I could travel to a place for awhile the first place that I will ever visit is heaven because I miss Christina way too much I just want to say I'm sorry for those who still struggling just like me. but I just want to remind all of you that life is worth living yes sometimes it hard but you got to stay for spoop because she won't want anyone of you to harm yourself but live it until the fullest so that one day when we see her again we have a story to tell that TeamGrimmie is strong and continuing her legacy she's safe and sound with the lord and she's watching everyone of us from heaven it's okay to make mistakes but it's not okay to give up make her proud because everything on earth is just temporary we will all be together with her one day and never let her go again.πŸ’šβ˜οΈ I do have my downs I still do break down my heart still hurts because she was truly the best think of what she has accomplished in her career but not what happened because she ain't gone but she's more alive then she ever was because I feel her I know that she's there to comfort us with her music showing us signs etc. I hope people remember her as Christina Grimmie not something else that is unnecessary never forget how much Christina loves you.πŸ’š and as do i. miss you spoop πŸ’šπŸ’” happy Grimmie Thursday and 2 more days to all is vanity's released! @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @marcusgrimmie @moriahnaomi @lauren.longo @travisflores @jasminebala @powtato @thejonathanlamarche #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1526657993113858119_11193516

I love you and I swear I do.πŸ’š I miss you @therealgrimmie dearly every single day I thought of making a video with this song today because Christina is always on my mind without fail. 3 more days to all is vanity's released despite what is upsetting me yesterday I will not let it ruined my excitement for her album release I'm a lifetime TeamGrimmie and nothing will ever change that because spoop meant the world to me. she will forever be in my heart. and always going to be remembered as the girl who makes me smile and laugh and cry from her goofiness with a beautifully powerful voice and remembering her as Christina Grimmie my role model and my lifetime inspiration she's my hero.πŸ’š @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo @marcusgrimmie @moriahnaomi @jasminebala @powtato @thejonathanlamarche @travisflores #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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surviver14 Instagram Photo: 1526511129071995647_1280117042

ONLY 3 DAYS UNTIL #allisvanityCheck it out asap I know it will be amazing. Yesterday was 1year since your bff saw you. I can't believe it's almost one year since you left spoop πŸ’š. Imy. #gunviolenceawareness #cgforever #teamgrimmie #christinaslegacy #christina #cgSideB #christina #grimmie

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1525843017599836589_11193516

I have done the special video for all is vanity's released on Friday it will be uploaded on my YouTube channel. it's been a long journey looking back what I had did. In a couple months I will do another. I cannot believe it's been such a long journey and I'm Glad to be able to do something to express my own feelings which not many people do. I write my feelings and emotions through those edits for her it's so magical and beautiful to be able to express feelings in this manner I would sit down for hours to hours to create something for Christina and her legacy. this Friday it will show you the entire of my creations when I look back I don't feel I ever done this much because It's my passion and the fire inside of me it kept burning I'm not doing it just for myself but Christina and her legacy she's the one who gives me these skills and Jesus I believe I was born to do something like this. It may not be the best edits in the entire world but it's all from the bottom of my heart. I love you spoop πŸ’š I hope you loved them as much as I do. I'm still learning to give you the very best. Keep rawwking my hero. miss you loads little nugget. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1525246398324037088_11193516

Christina as butterfly. I will be doing something special for her tonight it will be on my YouTube channel. It will be a celebration of the release of all is vanity. the meaning of a green butterfly is commutation I miss you dearly spoop 365 days a year! πŸ’” but I will continue to do what I do best 5 more days to all is vanity! I'm so ready i can't express the feeling I have, the emotions. Some stars shines the best spoop is one of them I meant it from the bottom of my heart I'm so blessed to be apart of her team because it really changed my life forever. her legacy is expending Everyday πŸ’šβ˜οΈ I love you loads #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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neverforgetgrimmie Instagram Photo: 1524199716270078864_3493293698

Current mood right now. What's everyone's favorite song on #cgsideb ? #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1524038028502219601_11193516

Want to know how it's done? πŸ’šβ˜πŸ»visited my YouTube channel @lovexch_zeldaxlove64 I have reopened up my account for Christina it may not be a big thing for others but to me it's my passion please subscribe to my channel for more Christina's edits link will be in my bio I love you so much spoop I hope you love all the edits that I made for you.πŸ’š Everyday is for you miss you Everyday @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo @powtato @moriahnaomi @marcusgrimmie @jasminebala @thejonathanlamarche @travisflores #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1523826182335639034_11193516

This two days, I keep thinking about Christina like crazy. I try to take breaks from here but it makes me more worse because I don't know what else to do there's days I'm okay there's days I'm not. Of course I want to remember all the good and forget what happened. But I'm really disgust by around the world because it's cruel I can't. Christina I need you I don't know how others deal with the pain but I'm just pushing myself to the corner again. my role model is up there happily while I keep wondering why I just keep wondering my brother told me don't be sad of what happened because Christina is with Jesus playing like a child with no worries no sadness and no pain. Sometimes it's just hard because it's easy to say then done. I love you so much spoop my little bean I'm so sorry that I still made no progress. Everyday is a battle to stay strong.πŸ’” 7 days to all is vanity's album released. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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🎢 🎢 🎢 Bought the Invisible remixes today, you should also do it! #invisible #invisibleremixes #iwontbeinvisible #sideb #christinagrimmie #cgforever #teamgrimmie #newmusicfriday #cgstreetteam #cgSideB @therealgrimmie @grimmiereaper @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1523305913242138090_11193516

Decided to post this even through I'm taking a break. I love you @therealgrimmie πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š heaven is loving you but I miss you too nugget you are my joy and my everything. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1522557922113928133_11193516

Miss her πŸ’” I will be back I can't stay here because all those reminders and comments has really crush me hard. Love you spoop πŸ’šβ˜οΈ Goodnight everyone will be back on 28 - #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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foreverteamgrimmie Instagram Photo: 1522456621057733084_4116294247

credit to @therealgrimmie,@lovexch_zeldaxlove64:This is one of the reasons why I keep getting better at my edits for Christina to get better and be more patient with it even it's hard to do I never give up because i know she sees them everyday and appreciate every piece that I have created during the 1 year time more to come being more creative and put more love in them every single day. I love yu spoop thank yu for giving me this new skills that I never thought i would have.πŸ’š #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #CGForever #christinagrimmiestreetteam #CGforever #teamgrimmiewillrise #ChristinaGrimmie #ripchristinagrimmie #teamgrimmie #teamgrimmierawwks #christinagrimmie#ripchristina#rawwkfingers #stopgunviolence #endgunviolence #preventgunviolence #grammyforgrimmie

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1522336430004620535_11193516

I don't wanna let go. I know I'm not that strong. I just wanna hear you I have no words of how much I actually miss you everyday my heart hurts to see what has happened in these couple of days. I just need you back here. This ain't fair a world without you is something I can never ever imagine. yes I try to stay strong I try to encourage myself and others to keep our head up but when it hits you really hard you don't even care weather you are strong a not. you just wanna let the pain go. and again. People wasn't born strong I need sometime to heal. Please allow me to post all my negative feelings out because I can't keep it to myself possibly everytime.πŸ’” I'm just sick and tried of all drama I refused to let myself heal if others keeps saying what happened. all I care about now is all is vanity I just want to focus on Christina's legacy. that's the most important to me right now and for the rest of my life it will always be. πŸ’šπŸ˜” love you so much spoop you are dearly missed every single day. @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo @thejonathanlamarche @marcusgrimmie @jasminebala @powtato #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1521863466452535618_11193516

She's the sweetest and the most kindest and the most thoughtful person ever forever in my eyes growing up with spoop literally is my best teenage years from 2009 onwards. she added Colour to my life when i was at my lowest when I was getting bullied in the passed all those things that I would never forget it those days of my darkest times she's always there to made me laugh with her videos I really miss those a lot 10 more days to all is vanity I'm looking forward to that hopefully all the pain that I'm experiencing now fades a little after hearing Christina's beautiful and powerful voice. after all these things that I saw on social media is really making me having the most heavy heart that I could ever had. but i still want others to remember Christina as her for her and how talented she is and how she lives there's so much more. she shines the brightest because the most beautiful star in the sky and it will be forever. I love you so much spoop πŸ’šβ˜οΈ you rawwk so hard my angel. misses you daily. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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lovexch_zeldaxlove64 Instagram Photo: 1521126575835037138_11193516

It's the worse entire day of my life because others remember Christina as unacceptable reasons it hurts when people don't remember you for you but as a most heart breaking thing ever. People needs to stop immediately because I'm getting to a point where I'm helpless of the situations and Christina don't deserve that may I bag all those people tweeting about today's incident stop comparing what happened because it really breaks my heart and I want to remember her for her NOT WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! πŸ’”πŸ˜“ wounds that will never be able to heal if humans keep saying what happened we all suppose to comfort one and another not comparing what happened. I have enough I really have enough! πŸ’”πŸ˜ž #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #cgforever

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