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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1497961191917400468_3248585757

#larrybirdwill die young, just ask him @espn #illustrationby @hellovon icons by @twoem #spd52medal finalist @spdesigners #nba #analytics #espnthemagazine #fbf

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1497395112702663128_3248585757

#tbt This is your body on #analytics #kawhileonard #nba @espn #espnthemagazine #illustrationby @hellovon icons by @twoem #spd52medal finalist @spdesigners #editorialdesign

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1497233641729509491_3248585757

Power Play: The U.S. women's hockey team established its legacy by joining a sisterhood of athletes who bet on themselves and fought for change. @usahockey @espn #espnthemagazine #editorialdesign #illustrationby @marksmith71uk

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1496550958556778375_3248585757

Overheard at the Combine: The annual scouting extravaganza! @espn @espnnfl @nfl #nfldraft #nfl #espnthemagazine #illustrationby @alvarez.studio #editorialdesign

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gubcha Instagram Photo: 1496265630994009812_1687787501

#espn #espnthemagazine #galyagubchenko #gubcha #hockey #sport #illustration #washingtoncapitals #ovechkin

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1495813639172455533_3248585757

The #quarterbackeffect, Jon Gruden sizes up the five biggest names: @deshaunwatson4 @mtrubisky10 @dkizer_14 @patrickmahomes5 #nfldraft@espn @espnnfl @nfl #espnthemagazine #illustrationby @maivisto #editorialdesign

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1495146649525088238_3248585757

Sin City or Bust! How the @raiders moved to Vegas @espn @espnnfl @nfl #espnthemagazine #illustrationby @alexanderwells #editorialdesign

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atlantafurious Instagram Photo: 1493829252737873232_4806393283

#ThrowBack #ESPN #ESPNTheMagazine @espnmag #Feature #SFL #MinorLeagueChampions2010 #SouthernFootballLeague #gwinnettjets #GeorgiaJets @georgiajets RowanReid Owner OscarDillard HeadCoach #MichaelFiggers @michaelprofiggers #1 #WR ArenaFootball EIFL #5YearVeteran #ArenaMVP #DetronnHarris #7 #qb(Former #NFL @nfl #WR- @titans & @panther/ #AF2- #BirminghamSteelDogs #AlabamaSteeldogs) & #RyanMcDaniel @rymc19 #14 (Joined @philadelphia_soul 2013) 4YearVeteran #PhiladelphiaSoul vs #TampaBayStorm @tampabaystorm #SeasonOpener at #amaliearena@amaliearena #Tonight #7PM on #CBSSports @cbssports

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andrewccm Instagram Photo: 1493613225915527709_4773621029

Very cool to see one of my photos of @_4dak made the cover of #espn #espnthemagazine Thanks @kevinjairaj for letting me know.

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rebilasphoto Instagram Photo: 1493011551102382069_198324622

Back in 2011 I participated in a cool project for ESPN the Magazine where I was one of 25 sports photographers around the world hired to all shoot a sporting event on the same day for a magazine feature. My editor asked if I would be interested in covering the Supercross championship race in Vegas (my first and to this day only time shooting Supercross) I couldn’t say yes quick enough! Word on the street is that people think of me as a photographer who gets all the crash shots. Other than boring slow speed crashes in turns its not that easy to get a Supercross crash so midway through the shoot I had given up on the idea of that happening. For the final race I was set up in a spot just trying to get clean shots of riders flying through the air. I didn’t think the spot I was in would have any chance of action happening but out of nowhere I would watch through my lens as rider Mike Alessi would come down from a jump and nose his KTM 350 right into the ground like a lawndart. While this photo wasn't included in the magazine it was surely my favorite!

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1492909667533117499_3248585757

#flashbackfridayto #espnthemagazine #nfl chemistry issue featuring #richieincognito@68incognito #illustrationby @fakediegopatino @espn @espnnfl #editorialdesign

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eyeforwardinc Instagram Photo: 1492492901774327797_610838226

Fantastic layout by @espnmagart of #MylesGarrett 🏈 and incredible shot by @deweynicks 👊🏽 . . . . . . #deweynicks #nfl #nfldraft #football #espn #repost #athlete #goals #fitness #espnthemagazine #editorial #fresh #inspiration #sport #train #justdoit #photooftheday

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1492310368944159026_3248585757

The #nfldraftis an olympiad of guessing games. @espn @espnnfl @nfl #espnthemagazine #illustrationby @doble_entendre #editorialdesign

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1491585275603520629_3248585757

The Most Interesting Man in the #nfldraft #mylesgarrett @espn @espnnfl @nfl #espnthemagazine #photographyby @deweynicks #dırectorofphotography@frankie626 #editorialdesign

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wun_d Instagram Photo: 1490974944921928379_32739847

Okkkkk @derwinjames #heisman #makeemrememberyou #nolenation #ESPNtheMagazine

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1490754848492086082_3248585757

The One and Only #mylesgarrettwants to show that he is in a league of his own @nfl #nfldraft@espn @espnnfl #magazinecover #espnthemagazine #photography by @deweynicks #dırectorofphotography@frankie626 #editorialdesign

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texasfootballexperience Instagram Photo: 1490061697224896213_4229257052

Myles Garrett is quickly becoming an ambassador to all Texas Football athletes. This morning he's been all over @espn on multiple programs as the guest star. How about some #mondaymotivationfrom the undisputed top NFL prospect this year. #beastmode #undisputed #nfldraft #texasmade #motivationmonday #quotes #straightbusiness #Texasfootballexperience #espnthemagazine #espn #txhsfb #cfb #TFE #americanfootball #texasfootball

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1489307526846802717_9789778

Okay last one for now I think... Fourteen-year-old Haitian Dominican baseball prodigy Robert Puason, for @ESPN Magazine. Shot in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1487876262407264736_9789778

Two young baseball players in a tiny Dominican village, one of whom, in pose and expression, reminds me more than a little of Christopher Wallace 👑 (shot for @ESPN The Magazine).

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1487830653722304644_3248585757

Legends in the Making: The next generation of @mlb MVPs: @teamcjcorrea @nsyndergaard @lindor12bc @theteenager7 @mookiebetts @tsunamy0327 #espnthemagazine #illustrationby @vanortondesign #editorialdesign

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1487805245827688489_9789778

Just a couple more from my @ESPN story about young baseball players in the Dominican Republic... Here Robert Puason, a uniquely talented fourteen-year-old Haitian player hopefully destined for the US Major Leagues, prays before practice early in the morning in Boca Chica, on the DR's south coast.

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jesserieser Instagram Photo: 1487797056507767784_6638227

#repost@espnmagart with @repostapp ・・・ New portrait work of Andrew Miller for “Forget the Ninth” in the latest issue of @espn Magazine. Photo editor @galac_ - @mlb preview: Forget the Ninth! Andrew Miller @indians #pitcher is here to save the game. @espn #photography by @jesserieser #dırectorofphotographyby @frankie626 #typographyby @martacerda #espnthemagazine #editorialdesign

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1487247462418597008_3248585757

#tbtto when #espnthemagazine took on heated sports #debatesincluding if Bill Belichick is one of the @NFL greats #illustrationby @tavisco1 #editorialdesign

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1487169785812153687_9789778

This is Onil Joseph, brother of Angel, of the last two posts. He grew up in the same village (last post), but was a little luckier than his brother in that he was able to produce a birth certificate and so played for the Braves and the Royals in the US. Now he works as a trainer at the Royals Academy, back in the Dominican Republic. Where Robert Puason (first post) is excited and full of momentum, Onil and the older played I met are more resigned, and seem to have shed their expectations.

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1487082540472685377_3248585757

Let's Lose Two! As the #worldseries #champs@cubs will tell you, the surest way to the top in today's @mlb is to invest enthusiastically in losing--then capitalize on the returns. @espn #espnthemagazine #illustrationby #olivermunday #editorialdesign

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1487078284822178402_9789778

The remains of the sugarcane processing plant in Angelina Batey, one of countless villages in the DR founded on the sugarcane industry. As tourism started to take over as the country's largest industry, and governmental corruption diverted funds from industry, a process that started in the early '80s, conditions in these villages deteriorated drastically. This is the village in which Angel Joseph, from the previous post, grew up and in which he hopes to become a pastor. Imagine growing up here and then getting a six-figure signing bonus and a contract with a Major League baseball team, only to have it annulled because no-one in the hospital in which you were born happened to be around to write a birth certificate on the morning you were born... Shot for @ESPN Magazine.

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raidershomepage Instagram Photo: 1487045479065640098_4246633556

EPSN The Magazine- 2002 edition. #timbrownand #jerryrice🔥🔥🔥 #goats #throwbackthursdaytake me back... (btw anyone else notice the #MikeBibby reference above?) haha crazy times. The sac #kings goat at the time. #memories

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1486973676724642338_9789778

This here's Angel Joseph, a Haitian Dominican who took a contract with the Giants that came with a $350,000 bonus, but after he'd moved to the US and started playing, was annulled because he has no birth certificate, which is not unusual for Haitians. A couple of years later a similar thing happened with the Indians. Now he's back in the DR, has given up on baseball, and is working in the police to raise money to train to be a pastor. I photographed him in his one-room place at a little fish market in the countryside where he was living temporarily, on a mission with the church. One of my favorite pictures from the trip. Read the whole piece in @ESPN Mag now.

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1486522607959564442_9789778

Fourteen-year-old Haitian player Robert Puason training in the early morning rain in the Dominican Republic. He has papers and hopes to be able to sign with a major US baseball team – and lift himself and his family out of poverty in the process – but despite scouts saying he's one of the most talented players they've ever seen, his future's far from certain. Full story in @ESPN Magazine now.

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espnmagart Instagram Photo: 1486507046924674344_3248585757

@mlb preview: Forget the Ninth! Andrew Miller @indians #pitcheris here to save the game. @espn #photography by @jesserieser #dırectorofphotographyby @frankie626 #typographyby @martacerda #espnthemagazine #editorialdesign

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1486413863372348552_9789778

Young baseball players and their coach (fourth from left) outside their gym in a little village outside Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, for @ESPN The Magazine.

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benedict_evans Instagram Photo: 1486349475739227559_9789778

In February I spent a few days in the Dominican Republic shooting a story about young baseball players there and the struggles they go through – particularly those of Haitian descent – for @ESPN The Magazine. The story, a good read by Bruce Schoenfeld, is in the new issue which is on stands now. This (an outtake) is 14-year-old Robert Puason, who’s getting MLB scouts’ knickers all in a twist; they say they’ve never seen talent like it. He’s been contacted by almost much every US major league team about a potential contract. Robert is originally Haitian, but is one of the lucky ones in that he has a birth certificate and so can prove his age and identity, and hopefully take a contract. Most Haitians don’t have documentation, and so miss out on MLB contracts – contracts that would often be worth with 6 or 7 figures – and a life in the US. For kids who grew up in abject poverty, it’s a bizarre situation. Thank you so much to Karen Frank and Jason Potterton for a very special assignment. More to come, and I’ll have the full edit up on my site soon.

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espnfrontrow Instagram Photo: 1486282557565150801_13350681

Yesterday we revisited some of @tony.romo's moments at ESPN. Including 2 #espnthemagazine covers. Head to www.espnfrontrow.com to check out his #thisissportscentercommercials and more!

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