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gem_0916 Instagram Photo: 1495227599281800894_32786698

Before this woman kills me I will let her know she is my #wceI will emphasize the EVERYDAY just so you understand lol #myfrandjelly #ilovehertho #doessheknowimjovannawifey #shestillmybootho #fyefam #lovemygirls #friendstofamily@jenny_0831 @da1ndonlylaly @jovannnaa jo see my hashtag

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ambrbruce Instagram Photo: 1491361107503088247_458815246

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu 👋🏾 Last night marked Leah and I's last FYE event of ever. The feels haven't hit me yet ... praise the lamb. Thankful for @charlie_dawes @preddy0331 and @kendallaltmyer along with every team member I've had the opportunity to serve alongside in the last 3 years. This team/department has challenged me, shaped me and blessed me in so many ways. #FYEfam #familyknowsnozipcode

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thaniel Instagram Photo: 1478745366961909926_13354185

So for lent, I gave up on stress and homework and went to the beach with some awesome people today ✌🏽 It was a real sacrifice, but everyone has their own cross to bear. #FYEfam

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kendallaltmyer Instagram Photo: 1431606202982346351_176321691

I love love love this whole team with my whole heart. #FYEfam forever and ever 🖤🖤🖤

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saraheast7 Instagram Photo: 1428579256816155898_223681643

•i'm so grateful for beautiful weddings, spontaneous trips, and incredible people to do it all with• 💖 #jor❤️tor #FYEfam

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thaniel Instagram Photo: 1428477178169567110_13354185

Dearly Beloved, we gathered yesterday to witness @jshrodes and @torimharris be joined together in holy matrimony. So now we have a new team member! #fyefam #jor❤️tor #theymarried

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nicoletta.neveu Instagram Photo: 1427936508945587324_54930564

OKAY IM EMOTIONAL. Tori & Jordan you are some of the best people on this planet & I can't thank you enough for letting me share in this special day w/ you! Tori, ya did well w/ the Pitt fan 😉 #jor❤tor #FYEFam

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thaniel Instagram Photo: 1409059171672594912_13354185

Just a reminder there are 5 days left 'till Christmas!!!!!! #FYEfam

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ambrbruce Instagram Photo: 1402377119434280015_458815246

BEST kind of mornings. 🚴🏼🚴🏽🚴🏾‍♀️ // #studybreaks #FYEfam

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thaniel Instagram Photo: 1399753983619052680_13354185

"Education begins the gentleman, but reading, GOOD COMPANY, and reflection finish him." -John Locke I think I have the good company part down #FYEFam

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saraheast7 Instagram Photo: 1367085896041874690_223681643

•so proud of my flawless friend• 💖 #FYEfam

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jill009 Instagram Photo: 1359737078032545226_190500607

GO FYE - #FYEFam Degree Planing Party

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saraheast7 Instagram Photo: 1355470627531999407_223681643

•God is doing great things• #fyefam #catalystatl #unity #uncommonfellowship

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kendallaltmyer Instagram Photo: 1339140783990655898_176321691

Over the years our family dinners have expanded from 8 students around the table to 158 students around 20 tables. I'm amazed by the @seu_fye team I get to work with to make all of our new first students feel welcomed into our SEU family! Also so grateful for @ericajoyjoy and Bethany RAs who helped make this massive family dinner happen! I love Bethany mansion ladies! PC: @richardjom #FYEfam

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nicoletta.neveu Instagram Photo: 1335500825262630233_54930564

I ❤️ my people. #fyefam

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saraheast7 Instagram Photo: 1334447731544395078_223681643

•yeah battle of the dorms was great and we didn't even play• #weareseu #fyefam

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i_can_reid Instagram Photo: 1334198474912914954_192846855

FYE takes on first day of classes #FYEfam

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thereal_zach_ Instagram Photo: 1333833651355442171_3495226406

I'm super grateful to be able to do life with these guys. My two closest friends at #seuthat will for sure be life long friends. #fyefam #southeastern #seufire #weareseu

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torishrodes Instagram Photo: 1333674106415113525_7987997

Helmet hooligans 🏈💪🏼 #FYEfam

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con_mccabe Instagram Photo: 1333473421300218766_38965355


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thelesliemurphy Instagram Photo: 1333472873104595212_191491523

Yay for friends 💛 #fyefam #seu101selfie

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guy_from_fury Instagram Photo: 1333471618126918613_238730327

#FYEfam #seu #seu101 #hadtodothiswe had to do this for a contest, pretty sure we won't win... But worth it

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themoniebird Instagram Photo: 1333359565827386907_965121111

#FYEfam | 9:21 am

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just_josh_daas Instagram Photo: 1333351747745514579_407897516


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sarahlboudreau Instagram Photo: 1333351756344000872_175791861

SEU 101 🔥 #FYEfam

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erma__1813 Instagram Photo: 1333351421822911683_207690054

#FYEfam ✌🏻️✌🏻

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kendallaltmyer Instagram Photo: 1331178347232820182_176321691

The day is here!!! Welcome to SEU all you new students! #FYEfam #weareseu

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i_can_reid Instagram Photo: 1330143179936901547_192846855

No caption could accurately describe the greatness of my team #FYEFAM #cantwaittomeetourfreshmen

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nicoletta.neveu Instagram Photo: 1329899011674880540_54930564

Give us our first year students please! 🎉 #FYEFam

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jill009 Instagram Photo: 1323335461703566200_190500607

With the first FYE of the year in the books, I am beyond excited! This family is going be pouring into the freshmen this semester and working alongside an awesome Leadership Team and Professors. #FYEFAM

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ambrbruce Instagram Photo: 1316396052173290354_458815246

So thankful for the both of you and so happy for your future together! Thanks for letting me witness this great day with you and then showing people how it's done on dat dance floor 😏 #aminerellastory #FYEfam

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kendallaltmyer Instagram Photo: 1316291929801117638_176321691

Wedding turned into FYE family reunion! I'm amazed by how our FYE fam has multiple generations! #FYEfam #aminerellastory

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