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28.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER GOODBYE WORLD 1 John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. (KJV) Goodbye is defined as a formula used to another person(s) when the speaker, writer or person addressed is departing, whereas the world for the purpose of this study is anything that is ungodly. In today's discussion, the world is being personified, so we say GOODBYE WORLD. The text under discussion, says, "love not the world, neither the things in the world...". To love the world means to be engulfed in ungodly matters. Do not be carried away by the world and its pleasures because they are but for a moment. All you need to do is to part ways with the world and the things in them - Goodbye World. Your world maybe corruption, fornication, adultery, drunkenness, backbiting, gossiping, hatred, etc. it is time for you to depart from all these things and come to Christ for Bible says, "if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not him". If you really love the LORD, then you would be indeed separated from the world. Do not be enticed with the world or anything that is within because all that is in the world is classified into 3; a) Lust of the flesh b) Lust of the eyes C) Pride is life All these are not of the Father. Beloved, be on your guard because we are in the last days. Jesus Christ may come for His church any moment from now. Will you cling unto the world or forsake the world and be with Christ? - the decision is yours yet I suggest, you surrender everything for Christ. Join the race who have boldly declared, I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS, NO TURNING BACK, NO TURNING BACK. Good bless you Further Readings: 1 John 2:15-16, Philippians 3:13-16 DECLARATION Goodbye World, I stay no longer with you. I've made up my mind to go God's way the rest of my life. I shall never return to the world nor it's pleasures. I declare all that is in the world is unattractive. I will forever follow Christ unto His appearing. No turning back, No turning back. #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (HQM)

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27.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER GO YE THEREFORE Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: (KJV) Normally, the last words of friends, family members, loved ones, etc before their death or their departure from our presence is attended to with all seriousness. This is because it carries weight and commands respect. Jesus' last command to His disciples and all who shall come to believe was "GO YE THEREFORE" (The Great Commission). You are commissioned to preach Christ to the nations of this world. Do not be exempted. You don't need thousands of people before you can make Christ known. You don't need a big platform before speaking about Christ. You don't need certificates in preaching before you can preach about Christ. Wherever you find yourself is a fertile ground to carry on Jesus' last words - GO YE THEREFORE! It can be in the bus, at the bus stop, in the plane, within and around your area, at the your work place, at the bank, mall, etc. The nations of this world must hear of Christ and receive Him as their Personal Savior. Beloved, there's no time to waste. Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. - Matthew 24:46 (KJV). There is a reward given to everyone who discharges the last words of a departing or a departed person. Preach to someone today, share Christ with someone, make others see the Christ in you. It pays to GO YE. May the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY grant you GRACE and BOLDNESS to be able to carry on with the mandate Christ has given us. God bless you Further Reading: Matthew 28:18-20 #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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Con los Thunder ya eliminados, @todoesbasket nos trae los datos que explican la eliminación de "los truenos" en estos Playoffs. ¿porque no le echáis un vistazo? Os sorprenderan! Link en la bio! #HQM #hayquemeter #thunder #rockets #houston

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Oklahoma fuera, siguen los Rockets! Tenemos datos, frios datos de la eliminación de los OKC de los Playoffs. ¿Quereis saberlos? Link en mi bio para descubrirlos! Os van a dejar boquiabiertos... #HQM #hayquemeter #Rockets #houston #thunder #okc

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#chotoiditheo phiên bản viêm họng cùng các homies 😎 #chotoiditheo #ngot #justforfun #singasong #hqm #cajon #likeforlike

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Violent Cases - Neil Gaiman Edição da HQM que se tornou um pouco rara com o tempo e que eu guardo com carinho, capa dura luxuoso. #neilgaiman #gaiman #davemckean #mckean #violentcases #graphicnovel #quadrinhos #hq #hqs #comics #historiaemquadrinhos #hardcover #hqm #geek #geekculture #nerd #comicfan #intsacomics #collection #coleçao #comiccollection #comicbookcollection #instapic #hqmeditora

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25.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER I WILL FEAR NO EVIL Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. (KJV) Fear is defined as false evidence appearing to be real. Fear is the playing field of the devil. Anytime fear come to the scene wickedness and evil prevails. Bible says, for lack of knowledge my people perish (Hosea 4:6). Many children of God are engulfed in fear because they lack the knowledge about the kind of protection they have (2Kings 6:16, emphasis mine). If only you knew the security you have and you enjoy as the child of God, then there wouldn't be any room to fear evil. Evil may have befallen you in so many ways but so far as the rod and the staff of the Lord comforts you fear shall not rule over you. You should take your stand as a child of God for the righteous are bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1). The rod and staff of the Lord which stands for protection and security is readily available to the Christian at all times, so why fear any evil? Even in the valley of the shadow of death you fear no evil because the LORD Himself is your protection. Beloved, give no room to fear for the LORD is with you (Isaiah 41:10 - emphasis mine). Fear is of the devil. May you make a bold declaration today, I WILL FEAR NO EVIL. PRAYER Dear Lord, I thank you for your rod and staff. May every fear flee from my borders. May the hand of the wicked not rest on my lot. Comfort me even in the valley of the shadow of death. May my gaze be fixed firmly on you in times of need. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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Misión cumplida, "sabía y confiaba en que ganaríamos ambos partidos allí" - Avery Bradley. Los 'Célticos' dan un golpe sobre la mesa y, al igual que los Bulls en el TD Garden se llevan ambas victorias 'en la carretera'. Además, ambas victorias les han dado una confianza bestial a los de Brad Stevens y, con un Isaiah Thomas INDEFENDIBLE, pese a que estuvo erróneo desde el arco (únicamente anotó 1 triple). Además, Gerald Green batió récord personal en PlayOffs con 18 puntos y, el banquillo de los Celtics aportó mucho y en buenos momentos. Inyección moral para Boston y, ¿Rondo-dependecia en estos PlayOffs para los Bulls? Sin él no arman ataques sólidos y constantes, ¿qué pensáis al respecto? Os leo😉 - #nba #nbaplayoffs #Boston #GreenRunsDeep #celtics #BostonCeltics #Bos #goceltics #thomas #Basketball #HQM #HayQueMeter

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[💻Artículo💻] ¿No sabes quiénes son los agentes libres para la siguiente temporada? Os presento la lista de todos los agentes de la NBA en @hayquemeter. En Heat tenemos unos cuantos... 🔥LINK EN LA BIO🔥 #miami #heat #miamiheat #miamibeach #southbeach #florida #heatnation #heatproud #goheat #305 #nba #NBAenespañol #basket #basketball #agentes #libres #freeagency #HQM #HayQueMeter

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Get a full EP produced, mixed and mastered by me along with 12 hours recording time 6 commercial beats & BMI / ASCAP registration 🌊🌊🌊 | #joelvenom #Beats #musician #Producer #musicproducer #BuyBeats #Rappers #HipHop #Rnb #Artist #oldschool #Rnbass #Trap #Vibes #GoodVibesOnly #DeificInk #YieldTheNorth #HQM

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¿Os gustaría ver que jugadores hemos decidido poner en nuestro 'top 10' sobrevalorados de la NBA? ¡Entra en el 'link' de la descripción! Te va a gustar, o igual te llevas sopresas. #NBA #HQM #LaMarcus #aldridge #SanAntonio #Spurs #League #basketball #f4f #follow4follow

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En la liga hay muchos jugadores etiquetados por encima de su valor, eso no es nada nuevo. Hoy en #HQM os traemos un Top 10 de los jugadores más sobrevalorados de la liga. ¿A que esperas? Échale un vistazo al link de la bio! #Drummond #pistons #HayQueMeter #overrated #sobrevalorado #nba #Detroit #Center

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24.07.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER YOU SHALL NO LONGER BE REPROACHED Joshua 5:9 And the LORD said unto Joshua, This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day. (KJV) The Israelites suffered so many things whiles in captivity at Egypt. Before they entered the promise land (Canaan) there was therefore the need for the LORD to roll away every reproach. There was no better place fit for this work than the town of Gilgal which is interpreted as a wheel or rolling in the Hebraic language. Maybe you have been reproached for long by fellow Christians, friends, family, neighbours, etc. the Word of the LORD to you this morning is - You Shall No Longer be Reproached because the LORD has rolled away every shame and disgrace for your benefit. You can never be in the camp of Christ and be ashamed for any reason. Although things might be difficult and tough but so far as the Lord lives you shall never be ashamed. For some reason or the other, you might have become a laughing stock of many but remember the Lord is with you and for that matter every shame is rolled or wheeled away. Hear the Word of the LORD, "This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you". Anyone who has brought you shame shall be shamed because the LORD has spoken. May you never be disgraced or be reproached again!!! God bless you PRAYER Heavenly Father, I declare every reproach of sin, poverty, barrenness, joblessness, sickness, etc is rolled away in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Amen. #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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Pacers 102 - 106 Cavs. Los de Ohio sentencian unas series muy ajustadas independiente del 4-0, de hecho las victorias de los Cavs han sido por: •1 punto •6 puntos •5 puntos •4 puntos No es la primera vez que vemos algo así en la NBA, ahora toca despedir a los peleones Pacers de los PlayOffs, y darles la bienvenida a los Cavs a la 2ª ronda. Paul George no estuvo fino, Turner y Lance maquillaron su mala actuación. Por parte de Cleveland, LeBron lo dio todo para ganar, anotando un triple para ponerse por delante y un tiro libre para sentenciar con el +4. Además, frenó a George en casi todo momento y este último perdió balones precisamente ante 'el Rey'. - - #NBA #nbaplayoffs #cavs #Pacers #lebronjames #KingJames #lebron #HQM #HayQueMeter #Indiana #Cle #cavs #Cleveland

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23.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER CAN ANYTHING GOOD COME OUT OF NAZARETH? John 1:46 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. (KJV) Many Christians like Nazareth are despised, disregarded and stigmatized because of where they come from, the work they do, their faith and etc. For some they even believe you can never be fruitful or successful in life - CAN ANYTHING GOOD COME OUT OF NAZARETH? Regardless of your educational background, where you hail from, what you do, your monthly salary, etc if God wants to exalt and bless you, He will consult no man. Doctors might have even given up on your case but beloved, if Abraham and Sarah could give birth at age 100 and 99 respectively then your case is no big issue to Him. Everyone was expecting the Messiah to hail from the chiefest of provinces in Israel not the mere town of Nazareth. God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27). People might least expect anything good out of you - but GOD is not a man to be a respecter of persons. May they who despise and stigmatize you today, run to you for help tomorrow in Jesus mighty name!!! If Nazareth could house the Messiah then; *that womb can carry a baby *that marriage is possible *that relationship will work *that ministry will not collapse *that sickness can leave you *you can surely walk again *you can rise up again from that fall etc... May you take your opposers and those who despise you by surprise just like Nathaniel was upon hearing Jesus the Messiah hailed from Nazareth. God bless you PRAYER Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray for Grace and Favor. May I be a help to all those who despise and stigmatize me today. May my testimony and breakthrough draw doubtful men to you. In the name of Jesus I declare, I AM A WONDER TO THE WORLD. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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22.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER HE WILL TAKE YOU BY SURPRISE Psalms 126:1 When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. (KJV) Many times God works in mysterious ways. His ways cannot be comprehended by the natural mind because it is simply awesome. He always takes His sons by surprise. The Israelites after they have been in captivity for so long - all hope in God for their deliverance was lost and dead. Bible says, the Israelites were like men that were dreaming. God took them by surprise. It doesn't matter how long you have been in an awkward and an unpleasant situation, God has not forgotten about you. Your deliverance will come when you least expected, it shall take you by surprise. In Acts 12:6-11, Apostle Peter, also made a similar confession after God's timely deliverance. The only thing you have to understand is that God's ways are higher than that of man. God is never too late or never too early, He is always just on time as said by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Trust in the timely intervention of God and you will save yourself from any heartbreak of God delaying. When you are taken by surprise, your mouth is filled with LAUGHTER and your tongue SINGING. God has not given up on you, He will give you a helping hand when your set time is due. Stop complaining. Surely, He will deliver you. God bless you Further Readings: Psalms 126:1-6 PRAYER Dear Lord, I thank you for your assuring word. I pray for Grace to endure until my deliverance and help comes. May laughter fill my mouth and my tongue singing. May my deliverance be timely so I do not faint in waiting in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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Bucks 104 - 77 Raptors. ¿Sorpresa? Los Milwaukee Bucks se hacen con el tercer partido de la serie y cogen la ventaja de nuevo, tras propinar a unos Raptors otra ves MUY FALTOS de ideas. Una defensa férrea por los locales fue la protagonista de la noche, absolutamente todos los jugadores 'verdes' defendieron al máximo, ¡hasta Monroe! Y, con otra gran aportación de los Rookies Brogdon y Maker cogieron ventaja desde el primer instante. Yo aposté por un 4-3 a favor de Milwaukee, y para nada es descabellado que estos pasen de ronda. - #nba #nbaplayoffs #Bucks #FearTheDeer #milwaukee #MilwaukeeBucks #playoffs #HQM #HayQueMeter

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21.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER FIRM FOUNDATIONS Ephesians 4:11 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers. (NIV) Reading from the first verse of this same chapter, Apostle Paul, exhorts that we should live a life that is worth the calling we have received. When God called us to partake in His inheritance, he didn't leave us without a firm foundation. He gave us great men, working with one or all the fivefold ministries. This is another important provision he has made for us. This will help equip us unto good works just like the verse 12 says. But upon all these people Christ himself gave us, are we yielding good fruits or worse ones? We gossip, slander and ruin people's chances of rising. How then can we be made perfect for the building of the body of Christ? Some of us are very fortunate to be fathered by anointed men of God but our characters are more than pagans. Jesus made all these people available so our unity and maturity in the body of Christ may grow. We have firm foundations, let's take chance and mature in the things of God. How many times do you revisit your dairies to read on previous sermon notes you jotted? How many times in a year do you go for Bible studies? How many outreaches have you done this year? Who have you explained any scripture to this year? All these questions are for us all to answer. Not that we can't do them and not that we've not received much. God has graced us with the Holy Spirit and with spiritual fathers who are always spoonfeeding us with deep revelations and inspirations. We should live as children of the Lord, not just anyhow. The kingdom of God is at hand and just ask yourself, if He appears as you are reading this now, will you be guilty or found with no fault? I fear that, all we are been taught and read about will go waste. The devil will use you for his own pleasure if you listen and read the word and never practice it. May God help us all to acknowledge the foundation builders He has placed above us and apply all His precepts in our daily lives. God bless you. PRAYER Pray as led by the Spirit of God. #ReginaAbaOdumaAsiedu #HQM

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¿Cuál es la clave del éxito? Yo no lo sé, pero todos podemos aprender del gran James Harden, y mucha razón que tiene, no te rindas y conseguirás lo que te propongas.💪🏽💯 - - (H/T @houstonrockets ) - - #NBA #basketball #nbaplayoffs #nbaenespañol #hayquemeter #HQM #harden #JamesHarden #Houston #Rockets #Rocketship #PlayOffs

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📈Sección: ¿infravalorados? 📈 - JaVale McGee, el pívot actual de los Golden State Warriors está aprovechando cada una de las oportunidades que se le otorgan en el parqué, no sólo en temporada regular, si no también en los PlayOffs, de modo que está registrando porcentajes de tiro muy aceptables y cumple muy bien con su función, además de ofrecer un espectáculo de mates y tapones. - ¿Está McGee infravalorado? Esto es algo de cada uno, de pensar si lo está o si no, pero es que la mayoría de las personas 'medianamente' aficionadas al baloncesto (y en concreto a la NBA) al oír el nombre del 1 de los Warriors suelta comentarios despectivos. - Este problema de lo debemos principalmente al Shaqtin' A Fool, programa en el que Shaq y compañía se ríen de jugadores. Sin duda que es un programa entretenido, pero la carrera de hombres que se esfuerzan a diario debe de estar por encima que un programa semanal, y no al contrario. - Y es por este motivo por el que pienso de McGee está infravalorado, mucho cuidado con él en los PlayOffs, ya ha protagonizado acciones defensivas esta postemporada, así como un señor partidazo el que jugó ayer. - - ¿Infravalorado? VOSOTROS decidís😉 - Foto vía Twitter/Warriors - - #NBA #goldenstatewarriors #Warriors #dubnation #mcgee #MVP #1 #nbaplayoffs #NBAenEspañol #HQM #HayQueMeter #javale

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@janhqm deja el partner y empieza un sorteo de una camiseta NBA. La otra foto que colgué no recibió prácticamente apoyo. He recogido los 22 comentarios de gente comentando a sus amigos, pero ESTA ES LA FOTO DEFINITIVA. Vamos. Si queréis saber como participar, el 'link' de la descripción os llevará a YouTube donde os explicaré como conseguirla. MENCIONAD AQUÍ ABAJO A MUCHOS AMIGOS PARA QUE VEAN EL VÍDEO (este sorteo va por niveles, cuanto más requisitos cumpláis, más oportunidades). #HQM #Sorteo #zbo #Bo #memphis #Grizzlies #Like #NBA #Randolph #Suscribete #YouTube #Twitter #f4f #follow4followback #followforfollowback #ny #f4f #Instagram #Baloncesto

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20.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER THE WORLD AWAITS YOU Romans 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. (KJV) Everything in this world is bound by time as said by the preacher in Ecclesiastes 3. Your set time for manifestation/appearance is what humanity is enthused about not the processes you go through. The world awaits your shine. In Romans 8:19, we are told that the earnest expectation of the creature awaits the manifestation of the sons of God [emphasis mine]. The reason why the creations awaits your manifestation is because it somewhat benefits them. Like the pregnant woman though she is the only one who goes through pains yet when the child is birthed both the family, friends, neighbours, country and the world at large benefits from the child. The World Awaits You - you cannot disappoint all the people counting on you for their manifestation. Some people will never be manifested until you have, because your manifestation precedes theirs. If Joseph had not been sold into slavery, his family would have died of famine. Do not delay your manifestation because many lives are counting on you to survive the test of time. Never despise what you do or where you are now because to someone out there, you are a role model. It is just a matter of time, patience is what is needed. Position yourself for your manifestation, for the World earnestly Awaits You. God bless you PRAYER Dear Lord, I thank you for your word. I position myself for my manifestation. From today I will never despise where I find myself or belittle what I do, knowing I am a role model to others. Let my manifestation affect others positively to the glory of God in Jesus mighty name. Amen #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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[SORTEO] No, no os traigo un sorteo, os lo trae @janhqm, que esta sorteando una camiseta del duro pívot de los Grizzlies, Zach Randolph! Pasaros por el link de mi bio para ver su vídeo en el que explica las bases del sorteo! Ánimo, y suerte a todos! #zbo #randolph #sorteo #HQM #hayquemeter

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Resenha #43💭 Livro: The walking dead, 166 Autor: Robert Kirkman Nesta edição iniciamos com um trabalho em conjunto entre Negan e Rick para se protegerem da horda que invadiu Alexandria. Surpreendente se lembrarmos o quanto os dois lutaram contra o outro nessa série. Após finalmente encontrar outros sobreviventes eles tem uma surpresa com o ataque de um grupo de pessoas antes aliadas, afirmando não quererem mais estar no meio das trocas entre as cidades, querendo matar Rick e os demais e tomar a cidade. É o indício de uma possível nova guerra com outro grupo que se rebela contra Rick e seus aliados. Os outros que haviam se distanciado da cidade com o intuito de afastar parte da horda se veem com um ferido que virá a ser uma grande perda para o grupo, mas principalmente para Rick. Minha opinião 💭 Como disse na resenha do HQ anterior, a série está tomando um novo rumo com personagens demonstrando liderança, capacidade, outros apresentando sinais de instabilidade emocional e psicológica. Pessoas se revelando contra o grupo e outros que eram rivais se aliando. Perdas importantes, que com certeza irão fazer a estória ter um novo rumo ou novo foco, pois irá influenciar o personagem Rick que é o protagonista e líder. Eu estou gostando do caminho que o HQ está tomando, mas confesso que quero uma mudança nos acontecimentos mais rápida, sem grupos rivais que começam uma nova guerra, ou cidades que querem tomar, oprimir, depois de Woodbury, dos Salvadores e dos Sussurradores, acho que já está bom e precisa de uma nova forma de ferrar tudo sem ser assim. É o momento de tirar os personagens das cidades, do conforto. Agora com as cidades de Alexandria e Hilltop destruídas acho que eles irão voltar as origens e perigos de viver fora da proteção dos muros, por não ter outra opção instantânea. Os personagens, até a invasão desta horda, haviam esquecido da realidade que estava fora dos portões, do que fez eles se trancarem dentro de pequenas cidades. GRATUITO PARA DOWNLOAD NO LASQUEIHQONLINE.COM📱

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[🎽SORTEO🎽] ¿Queréis el jersey de la vestia parda de Memphis? Hay dos formas. Youtube Jan HQM y Instagram @hayquemeter. No lo dejéis escapar. #miami #heat #miamiheat #miamibeach #southbeach #florida #heatnation #heatproud #goheat #305 #NBA #nbaenespañol #basket #basketball #sorteo #memphis #grizzlies #zach #randolph #hayquemeter #HQM

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19.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER YOU ARE UNPREDICTABLE John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. (KJV) Bible says, He that is born of the Spirit is spirit (John 3:6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.) Spirit in the Greek language is "pneuma" which means air or breath. Having this basis in mind let's delve deeper into the main scripture for today. One can hear the wind blowing but can neither determine where it is coming from nor where it is going. As many as are born of the Spirit have become a spirit (wind) and no one can predict them. You only take them by surprises because you are a spirit. They may plot evil against you but anytime they try, you leap over it with simplicity because you are unpredictable. Have the consciousness of a spirit being - if the wind cannot be predicted, then I cannot be predicted. They that dwell in spirit are always at the helm of affairs because they cannot be predicted. The fact that you carry the Spirit of God makes you unpredictable. You can neither be trapped nor implicated anywhere because you have the advantage of a spirit being. Remember, you can never be disadvantaged or predicted when you live in the Spirit or live as a spirit being. God bless you PRAYER Glory to God I am unpredictable. From today, I walk in the consciousness of a spirit being even as I invite the Spirit of God to come and dwell in me. May the Grace to dwell in the Spirit never depart from me. May I take my adversaries by surprise in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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Have you ever send someone on a dangerous path? #goodintention #intetionsaregold #coach #critical #doubt #whatif #amiright #alwayslookahaed #strength #selfdoubt #bestronger #path #thewayofthewarrior #peacefulwarrior #teacher #loversleap #goforit #watdenkjij #watdenkjezelf #humanquality #hqm

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18.04.2017 Time With JOJOthePREACHER THE LORD SUSTAINS 1 Kings 17:14 For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth. (KJV) There are so many gods in the system but not all can sustain/keep what is committed to their care except one - LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Anything committed to God is sustained or maintained and multiplied. In the scriptures for today, all that the poor widow had or possessed was just a handful of meal in a barrel and a little oil in a cruise, however when she committed it into the hands of the LORD GOD of Elijah, it was sustained until the day the LORD sent rains upon the earth. You may be living a disorganized life today, I encourage you to seek Jesus Christ - for your life shall be maintained/sustained. The moment Christ comes into your life He gives you beauty for ashes, strength for the weak, money to the poor, etc. What is it that you would want God to sustain and keep for you? - He will never let you down. Something that is to last for a day can last several months because the LORD SUSTAINS. Commit all to His hands and He will make it flourish than you ever expected. Your life, family, business, relationship, academics, etc can be preserved and sustained when committed to God. The devil has no business interfering in how God runs or sustains that which you've committed to Him. May your handful of meal in a barrel and little oil in a cruise be sustained in Jesus mighty name. God bless you Further Readings: 1Kings 17:8-16 PRAYER Pray as led by the sweet Spirit of God #thePREACHER #HQM kindly send your comments to: Facebook: @jojo kingdom-minded Quayson (Henry Quayson Ministries - HQM) Twitter: @JOJOthePREACHER Instagram: @henryson2012

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Quiero jugar por ella y por Boston. Estás fueron las palabras del pequeñin de los Boston Celtics al saber la tràgica notícia. Todos sabemos que pasó y cómo pero pocos saben cómo lo está llevando el '4' de los Celtics. En @hayquemeter os dejamos un artículo que habla sobre cómo está llevando la situación y cómo está ayudando su equipo. Como siempre, tenéis el enlace en la descripción. Respect para Thomas. #HQM #nba #bostonceltics #Boston #Celtics #isaiah #thomas #MVP #PlayOff #f4f #followforfollowback #follow4followback

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Thunder 87 - 118 Rockets. Los Rockets defienden su tierra ante unos Thunder irregulares, durante la primera mitad ambos líderes (Westbrook y Harden) organizaron muy bien a sus respectivos equipos, mostrando un duelo equilibrado y muy bonito. De todos modos, los de Oklahoma no pudieron aguantar el ritmo de Harden y compañía. Harden acabó con 37 puntos, 9 asistencias y 7 rebotes, mientras que Westbrook anotó 22, capturó 11 rebotes y dio 7 pases a canasta. - - #NBA #HQM #hayquemeter #nbaplayoffs #nbaenespañol #harden #Houston #Rockets #Rocketship #PlayOffs

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@janhqm se ha mojado y ha hecho su predicción de la Conferencia Este. ¿Donde puedes encontrar su predicción? ¡En YouTube! En su canal tenéis una atrevida predicción, un bracket cómo nadie ha hecho. ¡Teneis el enlace en la descripción! Y recuerda, suscribete y dale 'like'. #HQM #NBA #anillo #Cavs #lebronjames #james #TheKing #YouTube #JanHQM #f4f #followforfollowback #follow4followback

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Chicago 106 - 102 Boston. Esta fue la sorpresa de la noche, en un encuentro muy igualado, intenso y emotivo en especial para Isaiah. Por parte de Boston, Isaiah protagonizó una acción memorable, anotó 33 puntos y fue clave en el último cuarto. Bradley defendió bien y tuvo un buen acierto, la experiencia de Horford en ataque también beneficiaron a los de Massachusetts. ¿La parte mala? El rebote, ni una para Horford ni para Johnson, el único salvable del equipo en esta faceta fue Crowder. Por parte de Chicago, Rondo organizó muy bien al equipo, Butler fue decisivo en el último cuarto. Pero el claro factor sorpresa fue el joven Portis, que desde el banco anotó 3 triples y 19 puntos en total. Los Celtics iban 11 abajo a falta de 2 minutos, pero consiguieron anotar por medio de Thomas y de Crowder. Dos tiros libres de Butler pusieron el punto final al encuentro. - - Foto 1 vía: Bulls/Twitter Foto 2 vía: @celtics - - #nba #HayQueMeter #HQM #NBAenEspañol #NBAPlayOffs #bulls #celtics #seered #GreenRunsDeep

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