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before___today Instagram Photo: 1497536647184971589_3298269

A few sunbeams and already I can't wait for that Northwest Classic summer. #pnwonderland #seattlestereotypes #iconicnotironic

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before___today Instagram Photo: 1417851242030741476_3298269

Bring it, 2017. Grateful to @angeliatrinidad for her ideas, ideals, and hustle. Year 3 as a member of the #pashfam. #dreamingofdymaxia #iconicnotironic

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before___today Instagram Photo: 1406870668428220056_3298269

Sunset at the sculpture park. #seattlestereotypes #iconicnotironic

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princess_saldana Instagram Photo: 1399120715931904195_2272551162

An artist as a piece of art. #IconicNotIronic

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before___today Instagram Photo: 1397955817815497845_3298269

Sunrise with crane. #seattlestereotypes #iconicnotironic #goldentableau #nofilter

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before___today Instagram Photo: 1363192472017469527_3298269

Morning coffee vibezzzzz. #seattlestereotypes #iconicnotironic

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darminick Instagram Photo: 1350705493387292723_1016032

It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. #accidentalart #allgood #actuallyneededaspoon

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bankheadthebarber Instagram Photo: 1254059968301709900_143552637

~| The Irony |~ So to know that Grace Jones was the inspiration for a look or two in my shoot, and then finding out today was her birthday?! #IconicNotIronic When fine tuning your image, the incorporation of style, edginess, and elegance in a haircut is of the upmost importance with this new era of hair sweeping the world. ๐Ÿ’ˆโœ‚๏ธ As I'm growing in this industry, I'm learning to bypass the hate and turn lemons into lemonade. For me to accomplish that I needed some extreme vision, an extraordinary set of skills, and a team of artistic individuals who believe in me and can assist in making my dreams/visions become reality. Welcome to "The BANKHEAD Project", where you'll see stylish trends set, barbering at its finest, and a lifestyle worth living. #thebankheadproject #BankheadTheBarber #putsomerespeckonmyname

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cjmoustachewax Instagram Photo: 705084245513676335_479651096

The back of our business card, since 2011. #moustache #mustache #moustachewax #mustachewax #CJMoustacheWax #CountJustinianMoustacheWax #IconicNotIronic

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