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cassiereinesbooks Instagram Photo: 1427284892135508374_3696322104

#koolandcorep2017 Hi, my name's Cassie, I am 15 years old, and I am from the US. I would like to be your rep because I love candles and even though I haven't bought any of your candles because being 15 doesn't allow me a lot of money, I have had my eye on your candles which look amazing! I would take clear, bright photos of your products and tell my followers how awesome they are. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I really hope you consider me.

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booked.on.you Instagram Photo: 1426852769981234329_2752583373

#koolandcorep2017 Hello @koolandco, my names Tegan, I'm 14 and from South Australia. I adore book themed merch, but dont tend to get alot cause of shipping costs, i also have a love of candles and yours are so beautiful! I dont have as large of a following on Bookstagram, but i do try and interact with followers and other Bookstagram people! I did just come back from a giant hiatus from instagram, but im getting into the swing of posting again. I would love to be a rep for your company because the candles you make are so so goergous and id love to promote a company from my home state

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georgia_mae_xo Instagram Photo: 1426851079064575441_1407934459

@koolandco are holding a rep search and I'd love to be a #koolandcorep2017 My name is Georgia and I'm 19 from the UK. I would love to be a rep for your candles as I love candles and all things book related and these combine the two, I am mainly a book page and would love to post some pictures of the candles with the books that inspired them. I am quite active with my followers and always reply to comments, I haven't been a rep before but would love to give it a go as I think it would be a great experience #koolandco #koolandcorepsearch #books #bookstagram #bookcandles #candles #shiver #maggiesteifvater #annaandthefrenchkiss #stephenieperkins #goodomens #neilgaiman #terrypratchett

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fanatical.fantasy Instagram Photo: 1424483970963302701_3980520634

HOMG! My favourite #bookish candle store in THE ENTIRE WORLD is having a #repsearch... 😳😵😱😍👏🏼🎉 • But seriously, I feel like most of my followers know that my love for @koolandco is off the charts ❤️💙💜💚💛 I just can't get over how fantastic the candles smell & how lovely Simone and Ashley are 😍💞😍 • So to introduce myself, my name is Elli, I am from Brisbane, Australia and I'm 24! 🎉✨💓 Id absolutely love to be a rep for your store because I know exactly how amazing your products are and I want to shout about them from the rooftops! 🎉📖🙌🏼 I'm very active on #bookstagram, I post every single day and always interact with my followers through comments, dms, tags & Insta-stories! Also, your candles really compliment my photos & theme so I feel like we'd be a good fit together! 💓🎉📚😻 I'm so so excited for the chance to be a rep for you! So thanks for having this rep search! 💕💕 • #Koolandcorep2017 🌷🌸🌺 * * * * * #instabook #bibliophile #bookworms #booklover #bookaddict #bookobsessed #bookblogger #bookaholic

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_avidbookreader Instagram Photo: 1424376580054195937_3019030380

@koolandco is doing a rep search! I absolutely love bookish themed candles but can never buy any because the shipping is outrageous, so this is really awesome and exciting. * My name is Mackenzie and I'm 20 years old. I live in South Carolina, USA #koolandcorep2017

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gameoftomes Instagram Photo: 1424262252932635651_4272462721

#koolandcorep2017 I would love to be a rep for this company. My name is Lauren, I'm from Pennsylvania, USA, and I'm 23. I'm obsessed with bookish things and love being part of a community that supports me as the nerd community does. Fangirl for life.

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nightcourt_13 Instagram Photo: 1423778509717711638_4067214657

Kool and Co. are doing a rep search and I would love to take part. I am from England. I am 20 years old I would love to be a rep as I have never done one before and I think it would be an interesting experience as I have been dying to try Bookish candles. #koolandcorep2017 #candlelover #booklover

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koolandco Instagram Photo: 1423639805644130279_3718888968

NOW CLOSED: ITS FINALLY HERE! The first ever Kool&Co rep search ♡ We are looking for 3-4 reps for the months of Feb-April '17 to represent our little candle shop! This rep search is open internationally and ends on Sun 15/1! WHAT you will get as a rep: •Two 6oz candles, one of your choice, the other a mystery, and one 2oz candle per month. •Discount code for your followers. •A personal discount code for yourself. WHAT we are looking for in return: •Post a photo of our candles at least 4 times a month in which the candle is the focus feature - plus tag the shop in it. •Provide feedback on our candles & suggestions for characters. •Have an active & PUBLIC instagram account so we can see how you interact with your followers. HOW to enter: •Follow us! •Repost this photo along with a small collage of your photo style and tag us in the photo as well as using the hashtag #koolandcorep2017 •Tell us where you are from in the world along with your AGE, name and why you would like to be a rep for us. •Tag 2 people in the comments below that might be interested in entering our rep search. •Must be at least 18 or have parental permission. •Have a PUBLIC account. AND that's it! We can't wait to see all of your entries. Reps will be announced a few days after the closing date on the 15/1. GOODLUCK! #koolandcorep2017 #koolandco #bookstagram #bookcandles #bookcandle #bookish #bookishcandle #bookinspiredcandle #bookinspired #book #books #bibliophile #bookworm #bookgeek #bookphotography #booklover #bookreader #bookmerch #bookaddict #literarycandles #candlegram #reading #bookandcandle #etsy #igbooks #igreads #bookstagrammer

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