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lissajae_xo Instagram Photo: 1545958988452888771_1404158940

Lowkey grinding. Highkey Shining ✨ #betawards #hardestworkingyoungpublicist #mogulmoves #chapter22 #thecomeup

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1545883019464706824_222995156

Stop playing & prepare to meet us in October @ the Women of Standard Experience! Link in the bio. 🔥The Trailblazer 🔥

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officer_cashyka Instagram Photo: 1545766010311689810_2076182686

Yesterday was lit AF #dusseboi #grateful #morelife #mogulmoves

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1545729451650846528_222995156

🔥MAKING BOSS MOVES MONDAY🔥 Did you hear? For the FIRST TIME EVER we are bringing the Women of Standard Experience to ATLANTA! With so much going on in that city I questioned the Lord why I needed to bring my event there. His response was: Hosting it in North Carolina was too safe for you. Playing it safe is always comfortable right? But we serve a huge God who wants to bless our socks off but we are too afraid to JUMP! Listen....so much is going down in these 3 days & you DO NOT want to miss it! Make the investment in YOU ladies, husbands make the investment in your wives, daughters & nieces & get them to the Women of Standard Experience! Register at www.wosexperience.org! 🔥Women of Standard🔥

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7huesurban_bsimmons Instagram Photo: 1545304389835902400_5492752680

Smooth operator! Never spilled a drop #walkitlikeyoutalkit@7huesurban #fashion #malemodels #dapper #suitandtie #gentlemen #niceandneat #millionairemindset #hustler #mogulmoves #7huesmag #haircuts #bosslife #levelup

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chefc.ashfeeds Instagram Photo: 1545277263082635679_2090657906

My Peanut butta Chocolate Cake Wit Koolaid 🙃🍹 oh hey peanut‼️ 😍 #mogulmoves #chefcashdroppedit #eattherightthing #mightyworthmanagement

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madewithluvbowtique Instagram Photo: 1545169909562905049_1583006850

We're here! 💕If you're in the metro Detroit area come 'Sip & Shop' with @madewithluvbowtique and our sister brand @shopluv2ave as we OFFICIALLY LAUNCH TODAY @soyfulsecret's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$' Sip & Shop. #girlsjustwannahavefunds #sipandshop #livernois #popupshopdetroit #mogulmoves #mogulmom #mompreneurship #mompreneurlife #mommybrands #shopsmall #supportsmallshops #shopluvtooave #madewithluvbowtique

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1544986653515451146_222995156

One thing about me is I never announce my moves; I just make them. I don't ask for permission to be great; I just do it. Give yourself permission to do the same unapologetically! 🔥The Trailblazer🔥

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1544569163886983926_222995156

Got questions? Have them answered during our "Conversations with BOSS Women" segment featuring @deecmarshall at the Women of Standard Experience on October 27-28 in ATLANTA! It's gonna be BANANAS!!!! Reserve your seat at www.wosexperience.org! 🔥Women of Standard🔥

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peachjennstyles Instagram Photo: 1544523755388660927_1989908163

We Are Confident.

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peachjennstyles Instagram Photo: 1544521159223336673_1989908163

Speak positively and you will receive positivity ❤️

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peachjennstyles Instagram Photo: 1544513553431837961_1989908163

Sassy and Classy Styles 314.643.6574

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marchandsome_ Instagram Photo: 1544048376956512558_534954999

Fell thru @nickcannon "King of the dancehall" premiere with my wavy comrad & overseer @thefamemaker #bet #betweekend #echoingsoundz #marchandsome_

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marchandsome_ Instagram Photo: 1543839227232623390_534954999

In that place to be w/ the southern bell @imaniscott_ #hiphopdx #hiphopdxmixer #bet #betweekend #echoingsoundz #imaniscott #marchandsome_

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willdabeast__ Instagram Photo: 1543720363895937403_17365803

AHHHHHH🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Reflecting . HARD WORK . X vision = LIVING MY DREAMS I remember saying ••• 1 day I'll be on the BET AWARDS performing ( age 12 ) ••• And then 2016 choreographing / producing all the content for the NOMINEES through dance, for the first time ever 🏆🖤💙 @betawards #betawards2017 #mogulmoves

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hurric4n3ike.wav Instagram Photo: 1543708511094888659_5396631625

Had to start this #freestylefridaywith them Positive Vibes Stay blessed y'all 🙏🏽 NeWavez on the way🌊

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marchandsome_ Instagram Photo: 1543689845132608466_534954999

Before the lituations occur, pulled up on @flyywerk @youngwerk for that slice up ✂️✂️✂️ #bet #betweekend #Marchandsome_

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1543680275920416645_222995156

Looking for an event that focuses on Kingdom advancement, entrepreneurship & spiritual maturity in a biblical + practical way? Meet us on October 27-29 for the Women of Standard Experience ATLANTA by reserving your seat at www.wosexperience.org! Look forward to meeting you there! As you can see men ARE invited!!!!! 🔥Women of Standard🔥

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1543625311999216515_222995156

I'm super excited about the Women of Standard Experience celebrating our 6th anniversary in ATLANTA featuring keynote speaker: @realtalkkim!! She's kicking us off on Friday night!!! Early bird registration has began & is open until August 26 OR until seats are filled. Don't miss it!!!!!! If you've been following me on social media trust me u want to be in the room!!!!!!! Visit www.wosexperience.org & reserve your seat today!!!! 🔥Women of Standard Movement🔥

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1543525066682293388_222995156

There is at least ONE thing each of us were created to do during our short time on this earth. I know I was created to impart into nations & all the turbulence I've experienced was designed to push me further into purpose! Stop thinking the pressure is there to only cause pain. The pressure is there to GET YOU MOVING! If you never had a challenge you'd never excel! Now say to all of hell, THANK YOU FOR THE PUSH! I NEVER WOULD OF GOTTEN HERE ON MY OWN!" 🔥The Trailblazer🔥

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peachjennstyles Instagram Photo: 1543481254821048494_1989908163

Happy Friday everyone!

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1543213813632024109_222995156

One thing about a prophetic word is it may sound amazing but the process to obtaining what God has promised is often times extremely painful. But guess what? The pressing, beating & shaking is necessary in order for the oil to flow. Many that are a part of your NOW will drop off as you enter your NEXT! Don't be surprised; expect it & embrace it! It's ALL for your good! 🔥The Trailblazer🔥

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iamlaneejavet Instagram Photo: 1543167648808081020_45225656

This week is almost over. DID YOU GET IT IN? ✅ off your to do list 💯 given to your goals ↪️ turn some things around 🚯dismiss toxic people 🎉 celebrate your wins 💰Make money money money 📆 schedule clients ⏳ be on time 🏙 travel 🏝 vacation 🤸🏾‍♀️ workout Whatever you did, I hope you did it with a moguls mentality, and gave it all you've got! End the week strong!

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1543127280660933540_222995156

🔥NEW TSHIRT ALERT🔥 "If You Ain’t Praying You Ain’t Slaying” will officially be added to my website (www.CarlaCannon.com) on July 1 & available for a LIMITED time with FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Also available in black! Which do you prefer: black or white? POST BELOW! #itsmybirthday

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iamlaneejavet Instagram Photo: 1543074965729191735_45225656

When you look back at how far you've come, take a minute to pat yourself on the back. Take a breathe, and keep moving forward. You're not done! There's still more work to do. Don't get complacent or comfortable with a little bit of progress or success. Keep going until you can't go anymore, and then go a little bit further. What God has for you is bigger than your mind can possibly comprehend. If you think what you have now is something... wait until you get to the next level and He blows your mind! . . . . . #MotivateYourMogul #mogulvation #imogul #mogultribe #MogulMindset #Mogulpreneur #BlackCEO #MogulTalk #Entrepreneur #startup #BusinessWoman #womanpreneur #success #BossLady #motivation #InspiringMinds #inspiration #businessminds #MogulMoves #BlackIsBoss #blackgirlmagic #BlackExcellence #blackbusiness #Mogulmom #motivationalspeaker

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carlarcannon Instagram Photo: 1542923711181556158_222995156

It's my birthday! The Lord has been good to me!!!!! 🔥The Trailblazer🔥

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peachjennstyles Instagram Photo: 1542757257267575079_1989908163

If you have Facebook, be sure to go give us a like! Look up Sassy & Classy Styles today!

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kingkokuv Instagram Photo: 1542734782609135512_190467852

#bulovawrapped with custom strap by @muangeclothing by @iammuange #madeinghana #muangeclothing2theworld #mogulmoves

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marchandsome_ Instagram Photo: 1542634619340477976_534954999

We workin!!! Shout out to #itzbizkit 🚨🚨🚨for supporting my new record/video 🔥🔥🔥 #Numberz featuring @superjay405 w/ appearances from @eppsie @pimpinsilky @ninatheelite @shes_brooklauren @chicob07

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