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amtomchak Instagram Photo: 1518418379341674807_603231267

Longford mafia take over @storyful HQ Dublin. Some of the best people are from the L counties dontcha know?! #ONAdublin (📷: @johndmchugh )

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alecap Instagram Photo: 1518275493496696665_1006225

Near the end #onadublin

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1518244399645405155_17793663

Christ. #giantpeanutbuttercups #onadublin

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alecap Instagram Photo: 1518242922503103076_1006225

L'obiettivo è quello di ricreare la credibilità con la trasparenza. La verità non basta più #onadublin

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alecap Instagram Photo: 1518239073096913323_1006225

Gran finale per #onadublin

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1518168303804376846_201177335

People share stories about taxes much more than Brexit in Uk @online_news #onadublin

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alecap Instagram Photo: 1518156704046316055_1006225

Facebook LIVE now #onadublin

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amtomchak Instagram Photo: 1518103757174685821_603231267

I really LIKE the weather in Dublin today. Great day for #ONAdublin

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online_news Instagram Photo: 1518102563391924902_1506300729

When creating push alerts for news, remember that the lock screen isn't just for notifications. You're sharing space with texts, food delivery and more. Don't pollute it with bad updates. - @madebwel. Great tips on making push alerts meaningful at #ONADublin

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telpierce Instagram Photo: 1518100486723883933_39196579

Lunch with a view after a great morning. #ONAdublin

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amtomchak Instagram Photo: 1518099556008929238_603231267

Opening #ONAdublin with @smkalita of @cnn. She is a digital badass and all round superstar. I did some digging on her before our keynote by speaking to her colleagues in CNN. Here is a little of what they told me. "Mitra is an inspirational leader, a great listener, a breath of fresh air with a very global way of thinking. She is someone who is very inclusive and elevates those around her."

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menicr Instagram Photo: 1518098654005647289_276542568

#dublinis growing up. Beautiful, modern, tech. And sunny, today #ONAdublin

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1518084053281395912_201177335

It's no more time for the five questions. Journalism is changing @online_news #onadublin

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1518082814267117723_201177335

Thank you so much Guardian mobile lab @online_news #onadublin

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alecap Instagram Photo: 1518062525848810569_1006225

Move fast and learn things #onadublin

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online_news Instagram Photo: 1518050402792607219_1506300729

"Monetization and scale really matter," @smkalita of CNN to @amtomchak in the opening keynote at #ONADublin. Video and resources at Dublin17.journalists.org

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1518044822035000058_201177335

First talk #onadublin @online_news

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1518043929067664188_201177335

Don't forget @online_news #onadublin

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1518042987102656832_201177335

Here I am #onadublin @online_news

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deni_simeonova Instagram Photo: 1518038266296559746_209767478

a great day ahead in @facebook HQ in #dublin #onadublin #digitalmedia

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1518034751965158391_17793663

Nearly 200 attendees in Dublin for #onadublin - starting now @facebook in Dublin #digitaljournalism

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1518034005203019659_17793663

Executive director @irvwashington3 kicks off #onadublin in Dublin, live on @facebook_live #journalism

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amtomchak Instagram Photo: 1518030036846032474_603231267

#onadublin let's be havin' ya! About to do opening keynote with the amazing @smkalita of @cnn

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alecap Instagram Photo: 1518029958714176993_1006225

Rock 'n roll comincia #onadublin

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1518005810697334421_17793663

I probably should have moved the tissue box #onadublin

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online_news Instagram Photo: 1517938295094713163_1506300729

An excellent welcome at @google #ONADublin

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1517735311526264656_17793663

When the conversation is this good it doesn't matter how loud the restaurant is. Great food & wine always helps. Thanking our visiting Board members, keynotes and organizers for #onadublin

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1517725066376569780_17793663

What's your surname? #onadublin #googleemea

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jstrelitz Instagram Photo: 1517724016559194233_17793663

Caught my name in lights just in time @google HQ in #dublin #onadublin

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deni_simeonova Instagram Photo: 1517685117870207532_209767478

watch the yellow line :) greetings from Google HQ in #dublin #onadublin

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fraloz Instagram Photo: 1517653526095082771_201177335

And finally here we are @online_news #onadublin

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nekolaweb Instagram Photo: 1517646144221303956_34843754

Google's steps are so welcoming. #ONADublin

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