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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1521746811718334371_184942123

Giddy up y'all! Damn this was fun again! Kinda reminded me of some of my old school moves with a country twang 😁oh and as u can see the flip was back again 🤦🏻‍♀️

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1521000573808955216_184942123

Finding new workouts I can do everyday that are safe while I rehab the rib 👏🏼That's what I love so much about having access to tons of programs, I can find ones that work for me at ANY given time in my life. But what's with that hair??? I got the FLIP going on today! #boblife

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1520290481958555936_184942123

Taking it back slow and low this week to get back in my rhythm. I may not be able to do much, but my legs certainly work and boy will they be sore tomorrow..squats upon squats. At least if I can't work my upper body, my ass can look good 😊

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1519977601560457179_184942123

I am having trouble seeing the forest through the trees right now. I am frustrated, I feel awful physically and mentally, out of my routine and out of sorts. My UC has really had me down this weekend, tired and spending quality time on the throne. Fully medicated and hoping this turns around soon. I'm not one to have a pity party but I gotta be honest, this last 6 weeks is starting to break me down. But I have to take the high road, I have to focus on the gifts and positivity in my life. I will get there, because of all the support I get from people like you..people who I know and dont know showing me so much encouragement and kindness. I cannot thank you all for your words, texts and sending me love. For that I am forever grateful..

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missjessicawilliams Instagram Photo: 1519299142369699627_208104717

That's a wrap! What an awesome #scandalSeason with these fab hosts! Wow 16 episodes ❤️ Shout-out to our supporters and live viewers who tuned in each week! Catch up on our show online on @afterbuzztv and link on my website. • >>> keep swiping for Charlie's Black Angels 😝 @parrisrose @christineeebean @afterbuzztv @scandalabc @shondarhimes @abcnetwork

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missjessicawilliams Instagram Photo: 1519162902299450002_208104717

Oh Mama Pope! Lol ✨ #scandalAftershow || I have so much fun commentating and analyzing the show with my fab co-hosts live each week! 🍷🍿

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1519106936745579813_184942123

Flavored water, ☀️ pool and music..I am happy 😊 This is a great way to spice up some plain water! 1L of water, 1 cup strawberries, juice from 1 lime, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon and blend! Pour over ice and drink 🍹

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avictoriareal Instagram Photo: 1518534837697499496_2552085040

Season finale da 6º Temporada de Scandal ➕Wine = ♥️ #scandalabc #scandalfan #shondaland #shondarhimes #seriados #winenight #scandal

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1518108953564498549_184942123

Early morning walk reminding me of how beautiful it is outside, how therapeutic it can be, and to take a moment to inhale. Check out more in my IG story..

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paaaaaaaaaatchhhhh Instagram Photo: 1517410194647244802_403689690

Them ♥ #ScandalBand #scandal #HarunaOno #TomomiOgawa #RinaSuzuki #MamiSasazaki #Bass #Guitar #vocals #drums #ScandalHeaven #ScandalFan #J-rock #Repost @scandal_is_love with @insta.save.repost • • •

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ellienorastones Instagram Photo: 1517268612947450671_1050513124

When you meet Cyrus Beene from South Africa 😁 #Scandalfan #cyrus #allsmiles #niteout@scandalabc @darbysofficial @kerrywashington 💃💃💃

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1517065899483145291_184942123

This morning I woke up feeling great, and my rib has been feeling so much better each day. But today in the middle of seeing a patient I sneezed. At that moment I felt a “crack” and pop followed by severe pain on that side. It literally took my breath away. Thanks to my nurse colleagues @lungoncrn @stacystewart1973 and susan k I went for an X-ray right away. And there it is..the right anterior 10th rib fracture, nondisplaced. Its hard to see on this picture, but in real life I can see it there (by the arrow) Its amazing how something so small can cause so much pain (um I may have said the same about my child at some point). So I’m back to ibuprofen and rest. Everyone has been saying that after the ectopic and this I should rest. Don’t get me wrong I like rest, but when I CHOOSE it, not when it is CHOSEN for me. Just like every other human, I do not like being told what I have to do..shocking. If I’m being honest I worry when I don’t get to keep to my schedule. My anxiety rears its ugly head and I hate it. I feel out of sorts. But in my logical medical mind if the roles were reversed, I would give my patient the business for not listening to my advice..then go complain to my doctors that the patient is not following my instructions. So I’m glad I have my peeps to keep me in check. Plus..I need to be fully recovered for Shaun T week!! Yes..that is my goal. That's what I need. A focal point. So maybe you are injured too, or have something that is interfering with your plan or journey. Share with me. Let's find a new goal. A focus. We can do it. We will do it. This is just another bump on a long road..

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1516167668419029352_184942123

Yay! It's here! YouV2..perfect timing for me as I am in need of lower impact, but fun workouts to sweat while I nurse this rib! Doctors says it's okay so I'm in. Want to do it with me?? Let me know!!

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maya_01110 Instagram Photo: 1515941045819867641_267226624

Olivia: What would Olivia Pope say? Abby: You don't get to run. You're a gladiator. Gladiators don't run. They fight. They slay dragons. The wipe off the blood. They stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day. You don't get to run. #scandalfan #Croatiangirlexploringtheworld #gladiator #girlboss #💪 #washingtonDC

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1515634267438114107_184942123

Kinda proud of myself for facing my fear of the grill, not to mention how awesome the final product was! Hawaiian chopped salad, thank you @cavegirlinthecity

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1515218044338490361_184942123

Putting filters on this doesn't make it any more appealing, but I got my white girl groove on this morning and had fun!

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1514559961874371136_184942123

I cannot put into words how much I owe to my mother. She continues to inspire me to be a better person and mom. Through the years I have been difficult, stubborn, happy, anxious, depressed, successful, healthy, sick, and despite it all she is always here for me. I love you more than you know! Hope you have a great day you deserve it!

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kenny_stallings Instagram Photo: 1514097842569234469_1424099767

https://youtu.be/LCk10otQMnE Check out my video review of Scandal Episode 14 Like Comment Share and Subscribe

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1513228875156166154_184942123

People always ask me why I workout so much. I’ve even had people say “you’re working out too much” or “don’t you think you are overdoing it?”. After just 2 days of not being able to get my sweat on, I have noticed a few very important things. 1-I am generally more sluggish the entire day and have an afternoon “slump” 2-I am not as focused on getting everything done that needs to be done 3-I am not as motivated to work, play with my kid or even talk my dogs for a walk 4-I am more irritable and do not sleep as well 5-Physically my injury is improving with rest/anti-inflammatories What’s my point? Yes, I exercise to look better, but 90% of the time I do it to FEEL better in every aspect of my life. Yes, your body does need REST and recovery time, especially when injured. BALANCE is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Equal amounts of hard work, rest, and fun.

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1512513914356446859_184942123

Why am I such a spaz when it comes to braiding hair! This took me at least 3 tries! I need to get some YouTube training or something, but at least I did it!

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avictoriareal Instagram Photo: 1512031576727359204_2552085040

Gladiators do meu coração, quem aí já está com saudade da nossa #OliviaPope? O Site @tvline confirmou que a 7ª temporada será a última de #scandale já estou me sentindo órfã 😢❤️ #shondaland #shondarhimes #fitzandolivia #scandalfan #scandalabc

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missjessicawilliams Instagram Photo: 1511922827996081718_208104717

So exciting to have special guest #scandalActress Zoe Perry on our Scandal Aftershow on @afterbuzztv. She played a fierce antagonist opposite Kerry Washington. Fun fact: she is @jeffperryreal (Cyrus) daughter in real life! • She was SO much fun and chatted about Scandal and her gruesome last episode! See interview here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKSoPlZ3Mlg OR link on my website. #scandalsquad #shondaland #tgit@scandalabc @shondarhimes @shondalandd @kerrywashington

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1511747461848031529_184942123

Sometimes I am beyond clumsy. I fell a few days ago and hit my right ribs hard..it hurts like a mo-fo. Needless to say I am not good at having injuries because I am terrible at "days off". But I need to listen to my body and not be an idiot. I am a PA and I know how to treat this and would tell any patient to rest..but I am the WORST patient. Tomorrow I will take my own advice and stop trying to ignore it.

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1511043952244808105_184942123

This cracked me up when I needed a smile so I had to repost from @laurensprings1 😂 BTW I am actually an organ donor 😁

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kenny_stallings Instagram Photo: 1510588473916409516_1424099767

https://youtu.be/KSL515gTDu4 Check out my video review Like Comment Share and Subscribe

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1510484880923637189_184942123

GIVEAWAY!! I have partnered with @beautycounter_sarahmathes to give ONE lucky person a FREE Beautycounter LipSheer AND 1:1 Fitness/Nutrition consultation with ME! A great gift for mom or for yourself this spring!! To Participate: 1. FOLLOW ME 2. Like this photo 3. Tag 2 friends who may want to WIN! 4. GO TO @beautycounter_sarahmathes 5. REPEAT STEPS 1-3 until you get back to me 6. BONUS (optional) Like our previous 2 photos! This ends on Wednesday 5/10/17 at 1pm EST. The winner will be randomly selected and announced within 48 hours. The winner has 24 hours to claim their prize. Shipping costs will be covered. Previous winners not eligible to win. Open to anyone 18 years or older and in the United States. This is in no way sponsored, administered, associated or endorsed by Instagram, Inc, Beautycounter or Beachbody. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of any and all responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use. Disclaimer: Void where prohibited by law, no purchase necessary."

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1510182086668874424_184942123

Nothing like starting the week off at the pediatrician..🤕

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1509617543425143046_184942123

Came home to this in the mail from one of my besties! Made me so happy 😁 thank you thank you @ksmamaof3 😘you're the. bombdiggy!

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1509024495859279781_184942123

Derby ready!

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huazhizi6278 Instagram Photo: 1508861286792236992_5273998483

深夜に投稿すいまへん。 前アナログでかいたSCANDALのTOMOMIをデジタルにしてみました。 下手やけど...... 自分なりに頑張りました! #instagram #instagrartist #scandal #scandaltomomi #scandalの47都道府県ツアー #scandalband #scandalfan #scandal_band #てぃも #お絵描き

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barbellsandbandaids Instagram Photo: 1508075411904276619_184942123

Obsessed with this combination! Thank you @beautycounter_sarahmathes and @jrpage! Stay tuned for a mothers day giveaway coming at you next week 👏🏼👏🏼

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Friday workout with #oliviapope🖕👀🍷 #sweatitout #sweatyselfie #workoutmotivation #scandalfan #scandal

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adicam Instagram Photo: 1507580097410267964_14852091

People keep asking me where I'm from. Lately this sums it up pretty well! #scandal #scandalabc #tgithursday #tgit #shondaland #livingthedream #stayhydrated #swellbottle #itsstillcold #scandalfam #scandalfan #represent #representing #waikiki #waikikibeach #hawaii #oahu #oahuhawaii #sunshine #beach #happy #seatosummit #nike #sand I do miss my #scandalfam !

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