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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1500217995578207929_1416229202

Who wants to get BIG with me?! 💪🤗 I have received SO MANY questions on the whats, whys and hows behind the #bignessproject that I put a blog post together for you guys with all the deets! Tap the link in my bio to learn all about this 14 week hypertrophy program, and get yourself on the notification list because @kthomasfitness @jensinkler are releasing it again **next week!!** 😱🙌Grab a friend and come join me and let's get our pump on! #ladybulk📸: @paosanchezmedia

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lindsay_leigh13 Instagram Photo: 1499412037859313969_24086086

thanks for the all the sweet mems & sharing your closet all year!!! #mychild #shethrives

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1498065376909555533_1416229202

After taking over a week away from CrossFit for the #wsew17and #bignessproject, it felt SO GOOD to get in there and do a good old fashioned wod! Shoutout to @thechestee for saving my collarbones on all those front squats, jerks, & thrusters.👌 If you need me today I'll be soaking up all this gorgeous Seattle SUN!☀️👋

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1497527191242545494_1416229202

"Eat food that nourishes you, in ways that nourish you, and know that only *you* can know what that truly means." - @strongcoffeygram. Chatted with my girl @thegirlwiththebutter today for next week's #isthispodcastpaleoepisode and we recapped our @thegirlsgonestrong #wsew17weekend here in Seattle. We talked about what that line means, the trouble with "moderation", navigating your own wellness journey, and SO much more- lots of good stuff! Until that comes out I'll leave you with this image from our culinary tour of Seattle: beautiful lattes and macarons from @lepanierbakery. Which, btw, were a wonderfully nourishing treat on that day, in just the right way. #tbt

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1496746811547776476_1416229202

Only 2 days into this 14 week program but already really loving it. Doing a lot of new moves and everything with a different focus and rhythm, but stoked to see how this all comes together. Let the bigness begin! #bignessproject #ladybulkP.S. show me someone who looks cool doing an incline DB row and I'll show you a liar. #whatdoidowithmyface

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1495973584760328386_1416229202

A fun end to a truly wonderful long weekend: shooting with @jensinkler around Seattle. 🦁More thoughts on the @thegirlsgonestrong weekend to come soon once I can really let it all sink in. I can't wait to share these interviews with you!🙌

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1495318317949451869_1416229202

Day One of #bignessprojectin the books.🍑 So stoked to try a lil something different for the next 14 weeks and get yuge with @thegirlwiththebutter! #ladybulk

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1494482014517154906_1416229202

Bomb meal number 93 with @thegirlwiththebutter, feat. this insane gf cinnamon roll and eggs bennie. 🙌 We've had 2 waiters in 2 days warn us we've ordered too much food and we couldn't possibly eat all that.🙄 We did not disappoint, people. #holdmybeer #dontactlikeyourenotimpressedP.S. If you're in Seattle, this entire restaurant is #glutenfreeand so good!👏

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1492341243685106941_1416229202

Spent the morning with some wonderful women, talking about real shit, laughing, power posing and snapping some photographs. Really looking forward to sharing this with you, fam. Some quality, powerful stuff coming your way soon. 🙌 Thank you @eakinwale @iamerinbrown and @thegirlwiththebutter ! @thegirlsgonestrong @taylorgagephotography #ladywoke #wsew17

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shethrivesleadership Instagram Photo: 1491775854441930371_4882763875

Me and the bestie spending time in all our beauty and fun with mojitos as inspiration for our next take over. #SheThrives

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ifitdani Instagram Photo: 1491020077889674833_50362557

Legit one of my fav back moves 💪🏼🙌🏽❤️ #swoleonswole #musclehustle #allthegainz #babygotback #shethrives

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mydoulaashley Instagram Photo: 1489857547145630017_4334518822

Kindness Rocks Party @ She Thrives in Belleville,ON Thursday April 13th 7pm-9pm. Register and come and share the love ❤️ #kindnessrocks #shethrives #spreadthelove #bekindtoothers #paintyourkindness

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taylorgagephotography Instagram Photo: 1489608791884113500_43788897

"She never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she's won." -Matt Baker // Personal branding shoot for @alpha_maiden

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kristasfitness Instagram Photo: 1488786076008079171_1702849641

• Today's cardio was a walk around the division. 🐾🐾 I've never loved outdoor #cardio so much! 🌲🌿🍁🌾🌱🌷 • @thrivinmomofboyz @thrivinmomofboyz • • #neighbors #acreageliving #outdoorcardio #dailywalk #imisssquats #yeg #vacationmode #staycation #homesweethome #sweatathome #homegym #homeworkout #fitpuppy #coachsasha #run #sportyspice #fitfam #fitspo #shethrives #thrive #fitgirl #outdoorfun #restday #mealprep #iifym #dayoffwork #healthyliving #fitspo #germanshepherdpuppy #pitbullsofinstagram

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taylorgagephotography Instagram Photo: 1487998913277234521_43788897

"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose." -Dr. Seuss // Stella // Family shoot

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1487916164641451005_1416229202

Today I'm taking a page from my friend @melissa_hartwig's book and I encourage you to play along. Too many times over the last couple weeks I've opened Instagram and somehow felt disheartened, diminished, defeated, or otherwise less than awesome- All just by scrolling through pictures in my feed for 5 minutes. And really through no fault of their own, honestly. Its not that anyone is *trying* to make me feel bad, it's just how I'm responding to some things right now for my own reasons. (Ultimately how we choose to feel/respond is always up to us, but again, another rant for another day). . Though I do my best to preach and live the Don't Compare Yourself (to strangers on the internet) Rule, it's not always that simple, or easy. And though I frequently wonder what it'd be like to just ditch this whole thing altogether, if you can resonate with this feeling, I think a step in the right direction looks like this: . ✨Unfollow anyone in your feed who makes you feel badly about yourself (including me). If you find yourself stuck in comparison, envy, bitterness or any negativity over someone else's posts, their business, their body, their success, their life, UNFOLLOW them. . ✨Don't be afraid to take some time away from the socials every once in a while. This can be challenging if you run an online biz or otherwise work in the digital sphere, but I encourage you to find a stretch of time where you can truly sign off (delete the app from your phone). . ✨Remember that you get to choose who you follow and what you see here, and you don't *have* to follow anyone. So seek out those who make you feel good, inspire you, teach you, maybe even challenge you- but certainly don't deplete you. It's your phone, your feed, your life, so choose to be surrounded by those who lift you up and help you rise, instead of those who leave you feeling less than, whether they know it or not. #unfollowfriday

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shethrivesleadership Instagram Photo: 1487839087812872587_4882763875

College Women THRIVING! A cohort of #SheThrives graduates.

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1487147376039864473_1416229202

When in doubt, the answer is always (breakfast) tacos. 🌮 I used a bunch of #traderjoesitems in this, including their chicken sausage, roasted red peppers, corn tortillas and their salsa authentica , which is 💣, btw. I hit the eggs with a healthy dose of @dianesanfilippo's Diner spice blend, added some whites for extra protein, topped it with some cheese and *all* the cilantro, 🌿 and boom. All your problems solved.🙌 #tacosftw

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1485828477667045370_1416229202

What I try SO HARD not to do when women tell me they really want to start CrossFit but are afraid of bulking up. #ijustcant🙄 (I can't believe I still hear this but I do!) If you find that after a few months of lifting weights or CrossFitting, you are "bigger" or "bulky", I'd encourage you to reevaluate your DIET, not the weights. . For the most part, diet is how you change your body composition to get the "lean" or "toned" look most people are after. And also worth mentioning: That "toned" look is MUSCLE, after all, and it gets built with lifting the weights -the big ones, not the 1lb'ers. (And all that aside, what's so wrong with some extra mass anyway? Another rant for another day). . To sum up, CrossFit and/or weightlifting will not make you bulky, but it could just *change your life*- and to think you're turning that away for fear of "bulk" breaks my heart. Tell a friend, spread the word. TYSM💕

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taylorgagephotography Instagram Photo: 1485789744654693245_43788897

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love" -Lana Del Ray // Steve & Amy // Engagement

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shelbymariaa Instagram Photo: 1485453486791654871_12031964

Feeling unstoppable ☺️ #thrive #thrivelife #thriving #thriveexperience #happy #shethrives #levelup #neverbetter

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1485236576907701890_1416229202

🔈Sound on for the most dramatic snatch in the world😂. Had fun putting some of the things I learned this weekend at my @usa_weightlifting SPC course to use today! And then hit Fran, :20 slower than last time. 😩Oh well! Hope you guys all had a great Monday!

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heatherklaassen Instagram Photo: 1485138012853861932_526039354

Congratulations to my client @almahammer74 for her continuing transformation. This is just part of her journey from December to the beginning of April. Working out 4-5 days per week, following a diet 80% of the time, with a trip to Punta Cana in between. Super #healthy #lifestylenot a race So proud of all her hard work and discipline, I cannot wait to see what another 3mo brings her!! #girlswholift #klaassensironathletes #febodyfitness #personaltrainer #genesishealthclubs #progressoverperfection #proudtrainer #liftheavy #nutrition #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #SheThrives #eatheathy

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1484530059309078282_1416229202

This week, I want you to make time for yourself. And I don't just mean the gym, or alone time. But for the part of you that I bet you don't usually make time for. For the things that fill you up in unique ways, that help you express yourself, the things that light you up and help you dream big.✨The stuff that gets your creativity flowing and ignites you in special ways. 🌙 Create some time and do one thing this week to feed that flame, and nurture that skill or passion. . 📸: @shannonrusch

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1483083047497823544_1416229202

A Friday night in with the hubs means some simple but tasty grass fed cheeseburgers with all the fixins! 🤗🍔We put a ton of the Diner spice mix from @dianesanfilippo into the beef, put it on some gluten free toast, hit it with @primalkitchenfoods chipolte mayo, some mustard, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and topped it all off with caramelized onions.👌 The perfect end to a great (albeit busy) week! Happy Friday, friends!🎉 #getinmybelleh #bbspices

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bmac937 Instagram Photo: 1482500843558940246_5798417

Thanks to this lady for motivating me to get back in shape. #nodaysoff #gymtime #workout #grind #idgt #iworkout #weworkout #gym #sweat #hardwork #results #cantstopwontstop #wethrive #shethrives #thrive #motivation #positivity

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bmac937 Instagram Photo: 1482397095713206641_5798417

Working on that core! With @rianndanielle. Rockin the @amplifiedent t-shirt. #nodaysoff #gymtime #workout #grind #idgt #iworkout #weworkout #gym #sweat #hardwork #results #cantstopwontstop #wethrive #shethrives #thrive

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1481599750393435432_1416229202

Today was fun! Running in the rain, KBS, and #muscleups. 😅 I was surprised that we didn't see any of these in the open but I had fun playing around with them today. They still need (A LOT of) work, but they were actually feeling pretty good today so I was happy with that! 😊One of my main focuses for next years Open is to get these bad boys linked and feelin a whole lot easier. Hope you're all having some fun with your training this week as you transition out of the Open!

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herstorygoes Instagram Photo: 1481417274228353085_2999624563

I gotta say, this working from home thing is helping me eat WAY healthier than the I'll-just-grab-a-Sonic-burger-for-lunch days. This meal's completely vegan and inspired by the Buffalo Chickpea Wrap recipe from @minimalistbaker. Spicy, sweet, and full of veggie goodness. 😋 What are YOU cooking this week? We're craving fresh ideas for spring!

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1480671460010882343_1416229202

Mission for this week: normal training, albeit a little lighter than usual. Also v important: a trip to @lululemon for some new #treatyoselfthreads. 🤗If you haven't booked a massage, a nice meal out, an afternoon with your girlfriends, or some other little way to treat yourself for your hard work over the last 5 weeks, I highly suggest you do! Do something nice for yourself, you (always) deserve it! 💕 📸: @paosanchezmedia

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shelbymariaa Instagram Photo: 1480502764031137389_12031964

This couldn't be more accurate! Anyone that knows me knows how much I struggle with mornings.. but ever since I've started Thrive, mornings have become a lot easier for me! I don't know how I ever functioned without it! #shethrives #thriveexperience #thrivelife #morningimpaired #notanymore #neverbetter #levelup 🙃

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shethrivesblog Instagram Photo: 1479355990523595033_1416229202

Ok #shethrivestribe, 👯 I want to know: Did you surprise yourself in the Open? Did you hit any PRs, big or small? Did you grow as an athlete, as a person? Did you overcome a fear or hurdle? Tell us what you are most PROUD of yourself for!👏(via @iamhertribe)

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