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makemovesmandy Instagram Photo: 1518544750834267494_183448887

Do one thing every day that scares you. Like keynoting for the first time to an audience of 300 โ˜‘๏ธ #UMBsocial

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ejordan12 Instagram Photo: 1518505823674924395_33423231

My take on today's #umbsocial sessions

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alanschererphotographer Instagram Photo: 1518382385225770199_205495924

Elizabeth speaks on how Instagram can be leveraged best. #umbsocial

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bhenn77 Instagram Photo: 1518376254905512251_543098717

Instagram Breakout Session at #umbsocial given by @ejordan12 - Full House #weneededmoreseatslesson learned #dontusetoomanyhashtags

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diattafitcouple Instagram Photo: 1518370136817153494_842772016

It's been a wonderful day!๐ŸŒธ Learning with my favorite colleague ๐Ÿ˜Š #learning #umbsocial

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princekimathi Instagram Photo: 1518338891492302558_7569000

Will work for snacks. For all booking inquiries hit my agent ๐Ÿ“ž #umbsocial #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaday

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bluesky_sports Instagram Photo: 1518327866814511700_1400486670

Bringing #blueskyto the next level on social media, thanks @umbsocial #umbsocial #socialmedia

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fieldscornerbusinesslab Instagram Photo: 1518265045602143365_4871735033

Excited about Social Media Day! #umbsocial

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umbsocial Instagram Photo: 1518249322272166940_1267651862

Now @Sophie_bern is rocking the stage. @hubspot Talking about video and social media. Top #umbsocial

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lipedemaproject Instagram Photo: 1518228686465562692_2078329726

Attending #umbsocial ... learning how to better tell the stories of our #lipedemaladies..Super excited.. #lipedemaproject

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ammamarfo Instagram Photo: 1518218310982060396_10162028

My view for the day, at #umbsocial. Lots of learning so far this morning, and looking forward to facilitating this afternoon!

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vtomlak Instagram Photo: 1518214275171585852_20605035

Great lessons from the speakers at UMass Boston's Social Media Day! Check them out yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰@stonetempleconsulting @princekimathi @soph_bern @valaafshar @werkunz @juliacsocial @ejordancarr @livewirecollaborative @makemovesmandy @jason_muth @ammamarfo #umbsocial

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umbsocial Instagram Photo: 1518209605006524571_1267651862

Social is more like walkie talkie than megaphone. @Amanda_Healy #umbsocial

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bhenn77 Instagram Photo: 1518206261802787389_543098717

Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn #umbsocial #socialmedia #amandahealy

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umbsocial Instagram Photo: 1518205660758699019_1267651862

Talking how important personality is on social media @Amanda_Healy awesome at #umbsocial

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bhenn77 Instagram Photo: 1518199937186545763_543098717

Social Media Day 2017 #socialmedia #umbsocial #stonetemple

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ejordan12 Instagram Photo: 1518192870211761838_33423231

So much great stuff here today #umbsocial

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ejordan12 Instagram Photo: 1518189813444908033_33423231

I agree with @stonetemple on this: Go all in on one social platform if you only have a bit of time for your brand. don't do all of them, especially if your audience isn't there. #umbsocial

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umbsocial Instagram Photo: 1518188481887749359_1267651862

Great presentation of Eric Enge of @stonetemple at #umbsocial about influencer

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jasonmuth Instagram Photo: 1518172745816734765_5302978

Big crowd here at @umassboston for their @umbsocial 6th Social Media Day. And look at that, I just made the list! #umbsocial ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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ejordan12 Instagram Photo: 1518172494987734884_33423231

At #umbsocial listening to the opening session

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newtonrecycles Instagram Photo: 1518147420768095977_4644851223

NewtonRecycles is always trying to improve. Today we are learning more about social media to figure out how to reach our residents more effectively! #umbsocial #newtonma

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amy_one_with_nature Instagram Photo: 1518147052038788700_590615427

Learning all about social media today! #umbsocial #umassboston #socialmedia #workingoutside #nottoday #mira #clairefontaine

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jasonmuth Instagram Photo: 1517511981539962692_5302978

โ€ชPutting the finishing touches on my panel discussion for Social Media Day. Rosie clearly likes it! @umbsocial @UMassBoston #UMBsocial

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umbsocial Instagram Photo: 1517509184239919678_1267651862

Time for a new social media day at UMass Boston #umbsocial #umassboston #umb

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makemovesmandy Instagram Photo: 1510585407165915510_183448887

#MotivationMonday: Beyond excited to KEYNOTE the 6th Social Media Days put on by the Digital Media and Marketing institute of #Boston. There's only 10 tickets remaining for this 300 person event! Join me and thought leaders from Salesforce, Hubspot, and others at UMBSocial.com ๐Ÿ˜Š

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juliacampbell77 Instagram Photo: 979841128140834586_42072496

What a fantastic break out session at the 5th UMass Boston Social Media Day! Here are just some of the challenges that nonprofits are facing in the social media space... #umbsocial #excusemyhandwriting

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photohead87 Instagram Photo: 979723098331064827_20959393

The basics of where to get started with small businesses! #umbsocial #2015

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lisalinkfoto Instagram Photo: 979827208401903539_334965950

Don't worry about being first. Google was the 21st search engine to market. #umbsocial

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lisalinkfoto Instagram Photo: 979748720516980634_334965950

The magic of social, connections with mgt gurus. This is way to grow. Ask ypurself if you really love it. #umbsocial

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lisalinkfoto Instagram Photo: 979726561623072028_334965950

Model behavior you'd like to see. #umbsocial

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lisalinkfoto Instagram Photo: 979697486003101290_334965950

Meaningful conversations. Try new media Two-way dialogues. BU Dean Elmore. #umbsocial

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lisalinkfoto Instagram Photo: 979691476798594541_334965950

Dean Elmore from BU. Authentic social media. Amazing speaker. Refers to William S Burrows cut. #umbsocial

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