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larabryant47 Instagram Photo: 1504756297735063152_145485633

The children were the highlight of my trip! I loved spending time with them! They were just so joyful and happy we came! I went there to give to them, but i received more than i could ever give! I was truly blessed to have this opportunity!

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larabryant47 Instagram Photo: 1504744474956719691_145485633

Baobab tree

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larabryant47 Instagram Photo: 1504742058416853643_145485633

Me and my friend Fiona!

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solomonchikandiwa Instagram Photo: 1504676941721097364_5366510463

Thinking big

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tikina1025 Instagram Photo: 1504296966032400204_186332150

マシンゴという街のショナ族の集落に滞在しています。電気もガスもないけど、人も場所も温かい。 I'm staying at Masvingo.Here is no electric and gas however people and place are really heartful. #zimbabwe #countryside #selfbuilding #permaculture

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xam_mcg Instagram Photo: 1503814885581158101_2357627299

Future endeavours

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xld454 Instagram Photo: 1503762630896491145_5393243350

Knw watu live for

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jordanalderton222 Instagram Photo: 1503761959412354824_2929732006

Checking for elephant tracks... Mokore Safaris, Save' Valley Conservancy.

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