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btwn E 80th & E 84th St New York United States - US Art Museum

amandagiorgi43 Instagram Photo: 1502554904782462099_290857706

happy birthday to my favorite blonde 🌟 enjoy ya last year as a teen !!! Xoxo

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kaysiradek Instagram Photo: 1502240469076218005_349217203


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_melissa_wilson Instagram Photo: 1501875248706276391_28761891

Good morning Upper East Siders! Spotted on The Met Steps, B waiting for Little J to fetch her yogurt. XOXO Gossip Girl #gossipgirl #themet #metsteps

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noitskaty Instagram Photo: 1501721691385865428_179700590

I luv my friends!!

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lexieway Instagram Photo: 1501176136662967588_179352672

Can you tell I miss traveling? Fun fact: I made us take an overpriced uber from Times Square to the upper east side JUST to sit on these steps where Serena and Blair sat because priorities #latenightreminiscing #sotan

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tegvoros Instagram Photo: 1501165911586196059_244608221

Blair Waldorf pls notice me

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paulimapi Instagram Photo: 1500965729612404234_222253348

channeling my inner blair waldorf

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