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at Le Conte Ave Los Angeles United States - US Hospital

zoegrigorian Instagram Photo: 1501064658117817244_4142819277

Here with Hannah ❤️❤️❤️

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chlo_chlo_coco Instagram Photo: 1501052256291051278_4143877168

Visiting hannah! Love you and our talks hope u feel better banana😘😘😘😘😘🐤💓💞

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littlewishfoundation Instagram Photo: 1500354757745731346_680552107

It's a special #littlewishday for 4 yr-old Grettel, who woke up from her procedure with sooo many pretty blue presents to unwrap! #dolls #dollhouse #accessories #girly #littlewish #bigimpact #poweredbylids #kidswithcancer #smiles

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emmamaemfc Instagram Photo: 1499544178862182314_2127896460

I couldn't have a kid and be out here still kiddin' around #prayforbabyrayyan #premieawareness #almost33weeks #27weeker

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kishan__patel Instagram Photo: 1499513845486632725_353424089

Strolling little beebas and you know it

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foxierox007 Instagram Photo: 1499010720300723580_14717472

My first long term pediatric patient from almost 7-8 years ago... we meet again. My little dongsaeng, I still ❤️ you @cayla_kim10 ! 💞💕💞 #dongsaeng #nurselife #lvn #rn #pediatrics #pediatricnurse

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lollipoptheater Instagram Photo: 1498770025602780455_43024094

It was so great to begin partnering with @sonypictures Animation last week at @uclahealth! LOLLIPOP screened the smurfsmovie for patients at bedside and in the Lollipop screening room. And then the artists made our visit extra special by drawing each child their favorite Smurf! Thank you Noelle, Art, James, Patrick and Brandon and the rest of the Sony team! ❤❤❤🍭🍭🍭🍭

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