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1hopefulyear Instagram Photo: 1500338143956628804_445546409

one of those skies where heaven peeks through #jamaica #sky #your_life_etc_ #nothingisordinary #unsquares #skyporn #caribbean #onehopefulyear

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ellasvensson Instagram Photo: 1500333150664390527_7760463

Här var vi idag

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natasha_oneinamillion Instagram Photo: 1500332287500478803_1648880559

🎵yea we living good🎵 indeed a great trip with great people... Memories were just unbelievable. #diteam🎁

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peytonfisher Instagram Photo: 1500331313566996779_24102280

no basic beaches ;-)

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faithlynngianna Instagram Photo: 1500331228716736830_37367952

The power of sound and vibration is so strong🌺. What we say and listen to has an impact on everything. There have been studies done by scientists comparing two plants one they played death metal music to and the other they played classical music to. Over time the vibrations given off from the death metal music killed the plant, and the classical music helped the other grow faster. Now imagine what vibrations do to us ?🤔

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annalareva Instagram Photo: 1500329426281259803_442460951
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fsotgiu Instagram Photo: 1500322091617332950_1452839420
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sylviamarieowen Instagram Photo: 1500322034431992056_1834617360


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elysenicoleesq Instagram Photo: 1500317590274106788_15438197

Two Jamaican kisses 🐬😚

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curlyblisss Instagram Photo: 1500317458941940436_32754462

Meet sunshine ☀️🇯🇲

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