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Humboldt Victoria Canada - CA Convention Center

hollielgriffin Instagram Photo: 1503237586646509052_366793920

You may not know but it's E-11 now. One of today's guest speakers was John Horgan. He always inspires me to want more. I hope that you want more. All I want you to do is think about our Seniors and our Children when you exercise your right. #govote #betterbc #cupebc17 #usbus

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kranalletta Instagram Photo: 1502389532594976136_1411129977

Hey there's @zazalizan CUPE 391 pres at the mic - speaking to the importance of gender neutral/inclusive job evaluation plans. #cupebc17

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t.snikkers Instagram Photo: 1502376327482506675_2073453072

Convention is well underway debating resolutions. . #cupebc17 #cupebc #labourunion #laborunion #publicservices #victoria #britishcolumbia #canada

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kranalletta Instagram Photo: 1502371875581712914_1411129977

FEMTOR alert!! My friend Fiona from CUPE 3338 (SFU) speaks to the Colleges Committee report to show solidarity between the universities and colleges sectors. I've sat at Universities Committee table with her for a few years and am always inspired by her passion and commitment for post-secondary education. She's also very generous in sharing her knowledge and for a new president(me) it helped immensely to get a handle on what was going on in the sector. #cupebc17

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cupedollz Instagram Photo: 1502356015968999773_3163203330

Lee Saunders President of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees gave such motivational speech. "basics are to educate and mobilize" "We'er gunna fight like hell" "you have the ability to make change""don't blow it like we did" "don't wake up with a hangover that lasts four more years" #cupebc17Do you feel motivated now? E-12 #afscme

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cupedollz Instagram Photo: 1502341040693121104_3163203330

E-12. Y'all should know what this means. As you think on this. I want you to think not about yourself, but about the Seniors and the Children. Once you do the choice should be simple. #cupebc17 #organize

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kranalletta Instagram Photo: 1502339885364940723_1411129977

Brother Lee Saunders, President of @afscme addresses our convention for some cross border solidarity. "Struggle for the dignity of work is a worldwide struggle. Our voices must be heard every single day, raising hell. We in AFSCME have a saying - 'our members never quit.' Not on each other, not on their union and not on their communities and you are part of our family. You are the everyday heroes who make this great nation happen. " #cupebc17 #solidarity #cupebc #afscme

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hollielgriffin Instagram Photo: 1502332189236539593_366793920

Back at #cupebc17this year. Songhees Nation Elder Butch Dick. Just listen to that drum.

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cupedollz Instagram Photo: 1502328271730123408_3163203330

#cupebc17started off with a bang. Here is Butch Dick Songhees Nation Elder

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cupedollz Instagram Photo: 1502326962016883868_3163203330

Check this out. Sister Karen is running again #repost@kranalletta with @repostapp ・・・ Hey I'm running for re-election for GVP y'all! Link in bio for more info about me and my platform. Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of hours! #cupebc17

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xrissay Instagram Photo: 1501935752345414841_208143137

A little blast from the past Sheryl. Meeting Shanky at the Reader's Summit in Victoria. #shankettes@stuartshanker

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petesoos Instagram Photo: 1501873782536990957_13447818

Found a seat! #cupebc17

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kranalletta Instagram Photo: 1501824700078511110_1411129977

Sister Michelle Waite leads the New Delegates forum at CUPE BC convention. #cupebc17

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kranalletta Instagram Photo: 1501689270581102058_1411129977

V for victory! You Political Action Committee Chair Just finished the booth for convention. Register to volunteer for Election Day (May 9) and get a candy! #cupebc17 #cupebc #bcndp #betterbc

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sparkplugco Instagram Photo: 1501662430341956248_4042164435

@socialmediacamp delegates, on May 3rd, for only $30, you can have your headshot done at the Conference! We will be shooting at Booth #2. You can book your time slot in advance by visiting our event page (link in the bio) or you can drop by our booth and book it on the spot. Don't miss this chance to update your profile picture! Available on May 3rd only, to Social Media Camp attendees. Know someone attending? Tag them here. Everyone who tags a friend will be entered to a draw to win a free headshot session! #smcamp #smcheadshots

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kranalletta Instagram Photo: 1501628562023804002_1411129977

Credentials committee busy stuffing kits - the buzz for our CUPE BC convention, which starts in just a few hours!! #cupebc17

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tahnimeow Instagram Photo: 1501038260485800733_1582193359
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