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at Meridian St West Lafayette United States - US High School

jallow1k Instagram Photo: 1499677800486136170_1733958546

💼 ..

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generalnmc Instagram Photo: 1499667499988675648_1741524386

I guess it was exotics day in Lafayette today. Saw all five of these cars within a 15 minute timespan Sunday afternoon. McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and BMX i8. My poor convertible felt inadequate 😒

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toejamfutbol Instagram Photo: 1499645108763768738_512936269

Kathy made a Redbud Ride for those of us who didn't want to drown. Complete with Redbud and Dogwood trees and questionable roads. #myindiana #outdoorindiana #bikelala #cycling

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newsh8463 Instagram Photo: 1499645083405564923_4993268224

Country living at its finest... birds and the bees make great neighbors, chilling with good friends, couldn't be happier...

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lanie1720 Instagram Photo: 1499640995562062223_55563067

Reunited at Harold's

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christina_wilder Instagram Photo: 1499636863131112117_262141547

We're cuter candid

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lmkaiser80 Instagram Photo: 1499626247650842240_11989533

Science fair project going down. #scientistatworkhere

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