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haidagold Instagram Photo: 1503073109203563823_4479200758

Obviously this is something we support, both as a business that relies on a healthy ecosystem, and as people who call the Salish Sea home. ・・・ Repost: At SeaLegacy, we believe the Salish Sea is a treasure worth celebrating and we believe that now is the time to share this treasure with the rest of the world. With nearly 7,500 kilometers of Coastline, almost 17,000 kilometers of sea surface, 419 islands and over 3000 species, with 113 of those endangered, the Salish Sea's natural and cultural heritage is significant and world class. Later this year, we hope to be on a short list of 10 possible World Heritage Sites, that @parks.canada will present to @unesco. We can't do it alone. You can make a difference by participating in the open call for letters of support and petition signatures that is on now, until the end of April.⠀ ⠀ www.WeAreTheSalishSea.eco⠀ ⠀ We are proud to share this short teaser video with you and can't wait to release the full length story in early April. The more people who see this, the better. @filterstudios @willie_mitch33 @cristinamittermeier @paulnicklen @hellobc @salishseacentre @cher_wildawake @conservationorg @oceana @pacificwild @natgeopristineseas

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paulnicklengallery Instagram Photo: 1503069870631676453_4992625652

Today is the last day to sign the petition to help us designate the #salishseaas a @unesco World Heritage Site. Sign the letter by going into the link in our bio 🌊 ・・・ Repost from @paulnicklen : I've scuba dived and free dived in most of the world's oceans. British Columbia's Salish Sea is not only my backyard, but it is one of the most biodiverse bodies of water on the globe. Let's celebrate it and share it, Canada.

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harrysaini Instagram Photo: 1502988969410292815_16559437

July 8th (or the week of) will be our 4th year challenging the Salish Sea from Nanaimo to Vancouver. Last year with unpredictable weather and high winds our team had to abandon our quest to reach the other side due to unfavourable sea conditions. We have crossed successfully as a group 2 out of 3 times. What will happen this year? / www.salishseasupcrossing.com @salishseacrossing // #salishsupx #standuppaddle #paddleboarding #salishsea #straitofgeorgia #vancouver #nanaimo #bcferries #tabithafoundation 📷@1piskie

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barrels_and_bears Instagram Photo: 1502988006892907855_2064672320

I love the ocean more than being warm. I love the ocean for many reasons. Let's show it some love. Head over to my main account @_vanisland_ or to @sea_legacy for more info.

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_vanisland_ Instagram Photo: 1502980732905437798_235098555

Healthy seas make for healthy people; it's as simple as that. If you have followed this account for any amount of time then you have seen the intense love and connection my fiancée @bethjg and I have with the ocean. Our good friends at @filterstudios have teamed up with @sea_legacy to produce a mini-doc on the Salish Sea and the bid to make it a World Heritage Site. Today is the last day of the campaign; please add your voice by signing the letter. Visit @sea_legacy or the link in my bio for more detail.

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aabax.waves Instagram Photo: 1502712137955831760_4773421963

I will #voteforthecoast~ Please join me 💙💦🐳

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georgiastraitbc Instagram Photo: 1502300877490663389_2109841447

WATCH this new video from us and @raincoastconservation showing the spread of a #kindermorganoil spill, then #voteforthecoaston May 9. #bcvotesFull video: http://bit.ly/2plY5bt

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rosestiffarm Instagram Photo: 1501988066565413933_26274329

When you go to sleep and you still have sand in your toes is a good day. <3 #salishsea #coastsalishterritory #fuckkindermorgan #nomorepipelines #sand

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rosestiffarm Instagram Photo: 1501877487339265647_26274329

When you start free-writing and the truth spills out onto the page.... #fuckkindermorgan #nomorepipelines #nopipelinesps #ftp

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dreamariecreativity Instagram Photo: 1501874748852943697_2124644767

#handmadejewelry #keishipearlson #sterlingsilverchain with custom wire-work. Fall in love with this unique and beautiful #necklace

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sea_legacy Instagram Photo: 1501742095306980643_1420811656

The Salish Sea - A Legacy Moment. This Friday we will be sorting through and submitting all of the support materials we have gathered since setting out on our campaign to have the Salish Sea nominated as a World Heritage Site a mere three months ago. Thousands and thousands of individual signatures from all over the world have been collected, as well as letters from First Nations and all levels of the Canadian Government. ⠀ ⠀ The letters we have received are encouraging and inspiring, personal and passionate. To have the Salish Sea designated as a World Heritage Site has been described by some as a "no-brainer" and while we know it's a long and complicated process, we also know it's a crucial step towards creating a world in which the ocean's integrity matters. ⠀ ⠀ Please see the link in our profile, if you haven't already, and add your name to this important list and learn more about the Salish Sea. ⠀ ⠀ Photo: Egg Yolk Jelly Fish on a SeaLegacy expedition in British Columbia's Salish Sea @cristinamittermeier⠀ ⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ @parks.canada, @unesco, #worldheritagesites, #salishsea, @paulnicklen

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wildwhales33 Instagram Photo: 1501505250183613568_4645815326

Dinner time! #killerwhale #salishsea #whalewatching #orca #ecotourism #pnw #beautifulbc #sharevi #westcoast #whalewednesday #springtidewhalewatching #nikon

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_rumon Instagram Photo: 1500824155880423884_1480736

I grew up fishing the inlet that cuts most deeply into the heart of Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island, held in the sustaining embrace of the Salish Sea. No surprise, then, that since my own personal time immemorial I have held a sustaining connection to that body of water. But then, some time ago, I had the opportunity to live right next to the Sea - and to connect more deeply with it through daily visits, which I documented through a year-long daily photo project. This is one of those photos, one of those days, one that grabbed me when I read about @sea_legacy's current campaign, one that I'm amplifying here, in my own small way - please get on the petition at the @sea_legacy profile, and get on or near the healing sea anytime you can: "We are into the final week of gathering support for a nomination to designate the Salish Sea as a World Heritage Site, through UNESCO. Parks Canada will be presenting a short list of 10 potential sites later this year, and for the sake of the ocean and all that it supports, we need to be on that list.⠀ The endorsements we have received so far are both encouraging and in alignment with what we dared to hope for. To date, we have nearly 10,000 individual email signatures on our petition. This support comes from all over the world, including many who call the Salish Sea home. In addition, we are receiving letters of support from Federal and Provincial Governments, First Nations and change-makers. British Columbia's Capital City, Victoria, supports the campaign as does Parksville, a small seaside community that some members of our team call home. ⠀ ⠀ Please see the link in our profile to add your name to this important list and to learn more about the Salish Sea. ⠀ ⠀ @cityofvictoria, @parks.canada, @unesco, @parksville_city, #worldheritagesites, #salishsea"

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girlnamedjake Instagram Photo: 1500407626663445509_4816823727

Currently drinking: Best Case Ontario Farmhouse Ale • Combining my homeland with my chosen land. This foedre-aged collaboration brewed at @fourwindsbrewco with @nickelbrookbrewing @greatlakesbeer and @sawdustcitybeer with wild yeast from @escarpmentlabs and wild Ontario hops.

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