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Việt Nam - VN Japanese Restaurant

rebels.04 Instagram Photo: 1500727651362151721_262844569

다시가고프다😁 . . . #베트남 #호치민 #럽스타그램 #vetnam #hochiminh

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chaudang2612 Instagram Photo: 1499839989398449745_2095286817

How about no.

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tranthuymaiphuong Instagram Photo: 1498678548553433300_1454135435

Coffee is under sunset🌗🍹🍰

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mkawasak Instagram Photo: 1498399436774037560_1596337316

サイゴン川沿いで昼下がりのリラックスタイム💕 Relaxing afternoon looking over the São Gong river💕

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somjjjang Instagram Photo: 1498284778922561807_606669236

여유롭다🌿💚 #hochiminh #breakfast #thaodien

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cntuyen Instagram Photo: 1497703988110683012_3089121598

Spring grass note :D

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bethweikel Instagram Photo: 1497648623046212078_1717995463

"Later in the day" laps happening here. Wishing this was my backyard because: TROPICAL BEAUTY! #i❤️vietnam

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