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at 15th Ave NE Seattle United States - US Museum

sundaypainter Instagram Photo: 1503844657245991776_330039983

Dawn Cerny ♥️ @dddawn_cccerny

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gar_la Instagram Photo: 1503833351626512706_4523711447

Summer Wheat @henryartgallery

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gar_la Instagram Photo: 1503827964764375060_4523711447

Candice Breitz, Diorama #dallas

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circlesaresopointless Instagram Photo: 1503826871065104637_1297267074

#architectural #study in #heavy #art🖼👞 #arthandling #storage #atthehenry

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hannah.miami Instagram Photo: 1503794624955035620_2313590096

Seen here in the #ingersollgendercentermirrorwith some besties #soulapoulos #helenreedand @vakwan two Saturday's ago @henryartgallery for @chrisevargas @m_o_t_h_a exhibition TRANS HIRSTORY IN 99 OBJECTS! "Much of the material in the exhibition points to specific histories of community-making and activism in the region, including print material and a revered wall mirror from the Ingersoll Gender Center, an organization founded in 1977 that boasts the longest, continuously running weekly trans support group in the world. The mirror, originally from founder Marsha Botzer's family home, has been present in the center's many spaces since its inception and has achieved mythic status for having witnessed countless people's journeys to gender self-determination."

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hannah.miami Instagram Photo: 1503787226806837052_2313590096

BUTCH IS by #stormewebber⚡️Wearing scars like superpowers. ⚡️Part of @chrisevargas @m_o_t_h_a incredible show TRANS HIRSTORY IN 99 OBJECTS @henryartgallery

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snips_entwined Instagram Photo: 1503269862519289041_1571816278

Doing some cataloging #museumlife #instababies #magnify

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itsjennakim Instagram Photo: 1503265198378969567_51849382

"The figureless images of drapery together with the aerial views of landscapes serve as meditations on the public absence of those who are most vulnerable to criminalization within the trans community...the aerial images evoke flight, freedom, as well as surveillance." #equalityforall

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johnpickrich Instagram Photo: 1503140581815054755_212367844


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stephaniedrury Instagram Photo: 1502936647305445454_227006358

With Dawn "It's abusive how McDonald's on First Hill is shutting down" Cerny and Carrie "Why are dogs in save-the-dates?" Hecker

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elisap_photography Instagram Photo: 1502928813511963812_2217212499

This play was the perfect way to start my weekend of art! #waytooearly #dawncerny #onmywaytola #suchagreatplay #greatartist

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checkjo Instagram Photo: 1502732411342225422_641723486

These buds, I lub 'em @dddawn_cccerny @stephaniedrury

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margie.livingston Instagram Photo: 1502664965818748250_2058420787

Jono Vaughn

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henry_contemporaries Instagram Photo: 1502652479978987351_1167458930

"PENTIMENTO" #atthehenrytonight - conceived & directed by @dddawn_cccerny. From images and texts passed between Dawn Cerny and the members of #KraftDuntz, @16dlipers, @formationman and @danwebbwood, from June 2, 2016 to March 5, 2017, during the making of "Fun. No Fun." (currently on display at the @henryartgallery).

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