Out with one of the worst years of my life. I don't do resolutions because I already eat well and I look good, blowing my own trumpet there obvs.... I suppose in 2017 I'm just going to be a better version of myself, hustle, take time for me and be more motivated since I'll be back to university, working hard. I'm not going to entertain time wasters and people who don't reciprocate the amount of effort and time I give to them. If you're not trying to be a friend or making an active contribution to my life then you're cut off. I would rather dedicate my time and energy to the people who weren't judgy of my life choices this year, and who stood by me and picked up the pieces when I suffered the consequences of being a bit of a gok. Here's wishing everyone a happy new year, I hope you're rich in health, happiness, wealth and laughter! X #nye #newyear #2017