Sick AF but committed to documenting some of my #cheapchic lessons in 2017. Cheap Chic is a 1975 book/manifesto that heralded a new era of frugal personal style. One concept covered is calculating the CPW, or cost-per-wear, of your outfits. 👗🔮💖 To calculate the CPW, take the price you paid for the article of clothing, then divide by the number of times you've worn it. I didn't do great today, but I'm interested in evaluating my #overdressedtokill outfits going forward. 👗🔮💖 What's your CPW of today's outfit? #dreamingofdymaxia 👗🔮💖 Crucible radio shirt: $24/3= $7 @americaneagle cardigan: $30/60=$0.50 Texture Clothing skirt: $74/14= $5.28 @llbean slippers: $50/30= $1.67 Total outfit CPW: $14.45