Day 2 evaluating the cost-per-wear of my wardrobe. Today, a pair of Target corduroys wound up being more expensive than my Marimekko shirt, even if you don't count my employee discount. The boots were a gift from my parents seven years ago and they still look great. I'm seeking a new pair, though — do you have any recommendations? 👗🔮💖 @marimekkodesignhouse shirt: $45/32= $1.41 @targetstyle corduroys: $25/3= $8.33 Skinny Tee tank top (free from a lady on the streets of Birmingham): $0 @durangoboots cowgirl boots (gift): $0 👗🔮💖 Total CPW: $9.74 👗🔮💖 #cheapchic #wiw #ootd #overdressedtokill #dreamingofdymaxia