More tags! Yay! This time I can do two in one (and I need to because I'm so behind on my tags!) What are you guys doing these days? I'm finally done with exams so the next couple if weeks will be nothing but reading and a little bit of work. And then when the semester begins I have to quit my job because the one day a week that I work I have classes until really late... 😔 such a bummer because I really enjoy my work but oh well • Now more about me! I was tagged to do the #meetthebookstagrammer tag (and #bluebooks) feel free to do which ever one you want! • Where are you from? Denmark ! 🇩🇰 • When did you start your account? Sep 2016 (I think) • Author or publisher? Well, why not both? If I could make a living by doing something involving books I would be happy (and so I'm becoming a teacher😝) • Which author inspires you the most? Jonathan Safran Foer and John Irving simply because of their huge imagination and story telling abilities! I am in awe of them both! • Place you would like to travel to? New Zealand and Australia (but a trip to London never disappoints either 😉) • Standalones or series? Standalones. I'm more into character development and realism than into world building and sci-fi and often series is about creating these worlds and most of the time that doesn't catch my interest • Cats or dogs? CATS • Favourite movie? Don't really have one. I'm a Disney fan for life!! And I'm taking a course next semester on a Disney movie 😅 • Your biggest fear? Being alone. As in forever - not as in for the weekend that I love 😅 • Stuck on an island with three books... My favourite The Bone People, Jane Eyre and then an unread book by John Irving, Stephen King or Jonathan Safran Foer because I know it'll be good and long 😉📚 • #igreads #booknerd #bibliophile #thefinchbook #nocturnalreads #bookishfeatures #flatlay #booklover #libraryofinstagram #bookstagram #bookish